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Kabbal - Synthetically Revived (7/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diamond Productions
Playing time: 39:57
Band homepage: Kabbal


  1. Extra Sensorial Journey
  2. The Great Massacre (Verset 666)
  3. Wisdom Of The Graves
  4. Life Surge
  5. Epitaph Of The Elder Ones
  6. Thrihedron
  7. Scientific War
  8. La Citée De Marbré (The Marble City)
  9. Psychotic Democracy
Kabbal - Synthetically Revived
Good, original Death Metal is hard to find these days and this release from France's KABBAL satisfies only one, not both of those. This is good but far from original mixed tempo Death Metal. The riffs are chunky and heavy but often slow and mid paced.

One annoying thing about this album is that although the production is pretty good the mastering is way too soft. Each instrument is clearly audible allowing the listener to appreciate and assess each musician's ability.

The down tempo parts of this release for me are very good although the faster bits quite frankly bored me. One thing that did stand out however was the vocals which are as good as you're gonna find anywhere. Great use of dual vocals high and low at the same time (reminds me a lot of DEICIDE). It creates a great effect in places.

Overall fans of Death Metal should check this out and make up their own mind. Worth a listen. (Online January 28, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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