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Novembre - Dreams d'Azur (9/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 69:48
Band homepage: Novembre


  1. The Dream Of The Old Boats
  2. Novembre
  3. Nottetempo
  4. Let Me Hate
  5. Sirens In Filth
  6. Swim Seagull In The Sky
  7. The Music
  8. Marea
  9. Old Lighthouse Tale
  10. The White Eyed
  11. Neanderthal Sands
  12. Christal
Novembre - Dreams d'Azur
The name of NOVEMBRE might be known to a few of you out there, maybe even from my reviews for "Classica" and "Novembrine Waltz". Others might have heard the name of these Italians in connection with OPETH, whom they once toured with and who also could be used as closest reference sound wise.

Now before you accuse me of insanity, because I dare to take OPETH as a "close reference", listen to NOVEMBRE first and then understand. "Dreams d'Azur" is NOT a new album, to say it from the beginning, but their ultra rare debut "Wish I Could Dream It Again…" from 1995 (that I by chance even have in my collection :), re-recorded not only with the current line up, but also with the second guitarist and the keyboarder that back then had recorded the original! So much for authenticity.

The comparisons to OPETH become evident from the very beginning of the opener "The Dream Of The Old Boats", because NOVEMBRE, too, use calm passages, clean guitars and clear vocals as well as a heavy electric assault combined with Death Metal-vocals, everything forged together in a super moody overall atmosphere, using the best from Death Metal, Gothic Rock and so much more in between, creating demanding, but always very accessible compositions that ooze with emotion and feeling.

Calm melancholy alternates with harsh vocals, acoustic guitars go hand in hand with heavy riffing, showing just once more the mastery and class of this trio to create real SONGS that you can equally dream and bang to. I deliberately do not pick out any particular song, because this album (like the others as well) is a complete piece of art and I love it! (Online January 31, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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