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Nostradameus - Illusion's Parade (6/10) - Sweden - 2010

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 46:23
Band homepage: Nostradameus


  1. Walk Of Pain
  2. Art Of Deception
  3. The Mariner
  4. Nothing
  5. Eclipse Of The Sun Cult
  6. Broken Soul (Virgin Mary)
  7. Illusion’s Parade
  8. Armageddon Forever
  9. Time For Madness
Nostradameus - Illusion's Parade

Strangely, in all my Power Metal musings, I’ve never had the fortune or misfortune, depending on your take of this much maligned genre, to sample the sounds of Sweden’s NOSTRADAMEUS. And never one to tell it anything less than it is this sixth long player from the Gothenburg outfit is simply middle of the road Euro Power Metal. It’s got some highs but, for the most part, the band traverses such a well-worn path of Speed induced Power Metal, very much in the vein of CAGE and STORMWARRIOR (who, frankly do it better), that there’s really nothing of note to attract anyone other than the Power Metal aficionado.


However, taken purely on the merits of yet another Swedish Power Metal band, NOSTRADAMEUS certainly pull no punches in delivering a tectonic amount of sizeable riffs and soaring guitar solos. Yes, it’s all been done many times before and will no doubt be done many times to come, but the opening brace of ‘’Walk Of Pain’’ and ‘’Art Of Deception’’ are examples of good Power Metal. The cringing ten-minute disaster, correction epic ‘’Broken Soul (Virgin Mary)’’ is not.


The band was formed on the back of attending a GAMMA RAY show and the obvious influence of them and PRIMAL FEAR shines through. Rampant riffs, battering drums with a tinge of melody, and all fronted by the impressive bellow of vocalist Freddy Persson make NOSTRADAMEUS a casual listen but not an essential one.

(Online January 25, 2011)

Chris Doran

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