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Spawn Of Possession - Cabinet (9/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 38:12
Band homepage: Spawn Of Possession


  1. Lamashtu
  2. Swarm Of The Formless
  3. Hidden In Flesh
  4. A Presence Inexplicable
  5. Dirty Priest
  6. Spawn Of Possession
  7. Inner Conflict
  8. Cabinet
  9. The Forbidden
  10. Church Of Deviance
  11. Uncle Damfee
Spawn Of Possession - Cabinet
When SPAWN OF POSSESSION first unleashed this CD unto the masses, immediately the underground Death Metal fanatics started to give this album an aura of brilliance. Unfortunately, my funds during that time were rather scarce, and I never got around to buying this album. Come Wacken 2003, I saw this album for sale at one of the (many) CD booths, and decided to purchase it. It has been 5 months, and this release has been in my CD player just as long.

Creating this sort of music is undoubtedly a complex affair, as it is supposed to be fast, extreme, brutal, technical and chaotic, yet somehow have a resemblance of having actual structure. SPAWN OF POSSESSION succeed beautifully in both these aspects, as all their songs are time signature and tempo changes all while keeping an onslaught of extremely complex dual guitar riffs (that are often harmonized) heading straight towards the listener, yet each part of the song has purpose within a greater whole. The closest known band within the genre I can compare these guys to is SUFFOCATION, but as a much younger, hungrier, more venomous and dangerous version of them.

Lyric-wise, exorcism and spiritual/mental control seem to be the main subjects discussed, and considering how violent and haunting each of them can be, it fits the music perfectly. Nothing beats the singer talking about his soul being warped and mutated to the point where he cannot help but want to go on killing sprees, while the music describes every single moment of the man's change, corruption and deeds.

A beautifully executed album, one that takes all of the good things in Brutal Death Metal, and builds upon them. Verdict: Get this album NOW! (Online December 27, 2003)

Armen Janjanian

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