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Overdrive - Angelmaker (7/10) - Sweden - 2011

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 58:11
Band homepage: Overdrive


  1. Signs All Over
  2. In Gut We Trust
  3. Angelmaker
  4. I Know There’s Something Going On
  5. Under The Influence
  6. On With The Action
  7. See The Light
  8. To Grow
  9. Mother Earth
  10. It’s A Thriller
  11. Cold Blood Chaser
  12. The Wavebreaker
Overdrive - Angelmaker

Album number four for a band going into their fourth decade might not represent a prodigious back catalogue to seek out, however Sweden’s OVERDRIVE really are a True Heavy Metal fan's delight. Following on from the excellent third record, 2008’s ‘’Let The Metal Do The Talking’’ ‘’Angelmaker’’ carries on the bands penchant for all things NWOBHM and Melodic Hard Rock with a deftness and dare I say it refinement that is lacking in a lot of other bands cluttering up the genre.


Still it’s easy to pigeon hole OVERDRIVE and this is a band not for the Metalcore fan. With obsequious influences ranging from JUDAS PRIEST to DIO through to IRON MAIDEN, you’ll get the idea that anything post 1980 is but a nadir to this lot.


I particularly enjoyed the MAIDEN style duel guitar work out on ‘’Under The Influence’’ or the SKID ROW swagger of ‘’In Gut We Trust.’’ It ain’t original, but as they say, if the wheel ain’t broken, then don’t fix it. ‘’I Know There’s Something Going On’’ is a cracker, something like a Metal JOURNEY meets FOREIGNER with vocalist Per Karlsson’s voice resplendent as it is across the album. The Metal edge is well and truly out on the charging ‘’To Grow.’’ Frankly it’s a belter of a track.


OVERDRIVE might be formulaic, base-level Metal, indeed even lacking in originality and that bit redundant to all the heaviness that purports to be Modern Metal these days, but never look a gift horse in the mouth as bands like OVERDRIVE will always plug away behind the scenes delivering tectonic Heavy Metal from an age never likely to be forgotten.

(Online March 8, 2011)

Chris Doran

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