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Voodooshock - s/t (8/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: PsycheDOOMelic Records
Playing time: 61:26
Band homepage: Voodooshock


  1. Fountain Of Freedom
  2. Rainbow Sky
  3. Tomorrow's Bloom
  4. Lady
  5. Amazing Fire
  6. Living In Paradise
  7. Electric Mind
  8. Showtime
  9. Nights In White Satin
  10. We Cry
Voodooshock - s/t
The heroes of VOODOOSHOCK are surely the likes of BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM or SAINT VITUS, or not? The music on this record sounds like a homage to those bands and also the vocals can be described as a bastard of Ozzy and Wino. Slow lava-Doom together with rocking notes, which already made BLACK SABBATH famous and so we get a homogeneous album, which should please all Doom-disciples.

Nothing to complain about the quality, whereby you should be a fan of the very sloooooow arts. Maybe, it's also interesting for some Stoner fans, although there is missing the modern attitude. Do you have ever listened to a slow motion version of the Oldie classic "Nights In White Satin"? You get it in the VOODOOSHOCK version - you have to hear that - excellent!

But I can also imagine to smoke some shit, while listen to songs like "Rainbow Sky" (ingenious song!) or the overlength "We Cry". But I won't to instigate someone to do that, although I'm probably very harmless compared with every 15 years old guys... Anyway, it's fun to listen to the slow-motion songs of VOODOOSHOCK. Okay, there are also some stressing parts, especially for people, whose DOOM horizon ends with CANDLEMASS. It's not a record for them - real DOOMMANIACS should get this! (Online February 7, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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