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Aurora Borealis - Time, Unveiled (8,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 45:24
Band homepage: Aurora Borealis


  1. Triumph Again
  2. Sky Burial
  3. Searching
  4. Transversing The Tides
  5. Berserker
  6. The Last Day
  7. Reign
  8. Sixteenth Chamber
  9. Slave To The Grave
Aurora Borealis - Time, Unveiled
The story of AURORA BOREALIS began when Ron Vento left the band NOSFERATUS in 1994 to pursue his own visions on Metal. The only band member capable of meeting the standards of Ron Vento was Tony Laureano (then ANGELCORPSE, now NILE), and together they recorded the MCD "Mansions Of Eternity" in 1996. Ron Vento then moved, leaving Tony Laureano behind with his busy band duties, and replacing him with another drum master: Derek Roddy (then in MALEVOLENT CREATION, now HATE ETERNAL). Together they recorded the subsequent debut "Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace", and "Northern Lights". Now it's 2003, and another album is about to be released… "Time, Unveiled".

This time Ron Vento again had to find a new drummer yet again, and hell, he finds one! In my opinion Derek Roddy, Tony Laureano and Tim Yeung are pretty much the best drummers currently terrorizing the Metal fans, and after the first two, number three, Tim Yeung (formerly HATE ETERNAL, also AGIEL), now joins AURORA BOREALIS. The names of the drummers are already a big hint towards the musical outings of the AURORA BOREALIS tribe, and indeed we find some killer, technical brutal Death Metal on the latest album. What does set this band apart from the hordes of skilled Death Metal bands is the vocals: Ron Vento uses screams instead of the common grunt, and the effect is refreshing. Of course it's impressing to hear Tim Yeung behind the kit, because that guy is simply awesome, as could be heard on the recent AGIEL album. And Ron Vento is also not a newbie, the way he shreds through these songs is breathtaking, although the calmer parts on this CD (there are a few) also serve the music just right! I have "Northern Lights" in my collection as well, and you can hear the difference is drum styles, but both Roddy and Yeung do an inhuman job behind the kit. But musically AURORA BOREALIS hasn't changed so much since that previously mentioned album, although I thought "Northern Lights" had some rather happy melodies every now and then, whereas "Time, Unveiled" doesn't really have those (which is positive for my non-happy-sounding taste). This is just another killer CD by this band, and the nine tracks thunder by as if it's nothing… but it's so much more than nothing! This is hyper speed brutal Death Metal, exactly like it should be played!

If you can't get enough of technical brutal Death Metal, get this album! If you want it to be original, get this album… just admit, you want it, get this album now! (Online February 3, 2003)

Vincent Portegijs

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