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Deadlock - Bizarro World (5,5/10) - Germany - 2011

Genre: Melodic Metal / Pop Metal / Alternative Metal
Label: Lifeforce Records
Playing time: 40:18
Band homepage: Deadlock


  1. Virus Jones                  
  2. State Of Decay            
  3. Falling Skywards          
  4. Earthlings                    
  5.  You Left Me Dead                   
  6. Brutal Romance            
  7. Alienation                     
  8. Renegade        
  9. Htrae   
  10. Bizarro World               
  11. Paranoia Extravaganza
Deadlock - Bizarro World

Even before the unbearably irregular dual-vocal attack intrudes, the first 30 seconds of DEADLOCK’s latest album, “Bizarro World,” should give listeners a healthy understanding of exactly where the album’s Metal stylizations will lead to…yep, the Modern Melodic/Gothic Metal route that everybody and their horny old grandmother can play is in full force, and if you’re unlike me, you’ll most likely hike up your panties, tear off your bra, and scream to the high heavens that “This album is the best…EVER!”


Hold that note, pussy. Something weird is going on here…


The thing is, despite the slightly above-average instrumental talent of DEADLOCK, “Bizarro World” manages to maintain a pillow soft likability that is undoubtedly slung, hoisted, and carried over the very petite shoulders of lead vocalist Sabine Scherer, a tiny little thing whose strength as a singer keeps the rest of the band from sinking into Metal enema-mire. Multiple efforts are necessary to wade past the shit, ignore the smell, and enjoy what DEADLOCK brings to the picnic table.


[Dimensional shift segmentation]


“Bizarro World” no work good when ugly girlie sing song. “Bizarro World” work good when pretty man growl like chimp man with big nuts. Emotional makes me am. Is no smiles from you. Small crying with big nuts am guitar and new sounds. Best and better from entire Un-Metal world. Must buy am I to yours.


[Dimensional shift segmentation reversion]


Scherer’s voice, when it’s not being coupled by the over-flowing human toilet bowl that is Johannes Prem, does a very solid job of mixing harmonies and it’s truthfully not out of the ordinary when one of those catchy hooks is suddenly causing you to tap your high heels - you know the pair. As impressive as her voice remains, her lyrics are pretty bland, which, lucky for her, is totally fitting for today’s Pop culture idiot fuckfaces. The song “Renegade” is so radio friendly, and so Poppy, that I simply cannot call DEADLOCK Metal any longer. Pinch harmonics, double bass, and a grunting dick-smack who nearly ruins the entire album are simply not enough. This is not Metal. I don’t give a shit what you say.


[Dimensional shift segmentation]


Lot songs most heavy in of universe for animal kind. Song “Virus Jones” and “Falling Skywards” too heavy and too hard for handle I am. Head no hurt by heavy. Heavy as the heaven! Ugly face song “State of Decay” and “Htrae” and “Paranoia Extravaganza” no good song for ugly girlie and pretty boy, many no work unbest and left song dry.


[Dimensional shift segmentation reversion]


Uneven and not even remotely original (in spite of the very cool DC Comics reference), DEADLOCK surprisingly rise more often than they fall, and again, to keep consistency intact, Scherer is the reason for any and all of the band’s success. If that hack bastard Prem decides to keep growling into the microphone while Scherer sings, she should just move to L.A. and cut a record as a solo artist. (Seriously, dude, shut the fuck up!) While not for everyone’s tastes, “Bizarro World” is an album that grew on me as time wore on…severing my penis and testicles in the process.

(Online March 12, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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