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Circle II Circle - Consequence of Power (8/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 55:39
Band homepage: Circle II Circle


  1. Whispers in Vain
  2. Consequence of Power
  3. Out of Nowhere
  4. Remember
  5. Mirage
  6. Episodes of Mania
  7. Redemption
  8. Take Back Yesterday
  9. Anathema
  10. Blood of an Angel
Circle II Circle - Consequence of Power

Someone in CIRCLE II CIRCLE has taken a heavy pill. A very heavy pill as ‘’Whispers In Vain’’ rattles forth from the speakers off the bands fifth long player, ‘’Consequence Of Power.’’ Featuring the simply outstanding vocal of Zak Stevens and the immense riffing of Andy Lee, CIRCLE II CIRCLE are now five records into a career spanning only seven years, and in those years, the quality output of the group has rarely been brought into question.


The title track doesn’t hold back on the brute force either; there’s energy, a Metal fury otherwise missing or neglected on previous records. ‘’Out Of Nowhere’’ continues the Power Metal tirade and whilst ‘’Remember’’ doesn’t quite hit the heights of the opening salvo of tracks, ‘’Mirage’’ takes ‘’Stargazer’’ era RAINBOW and turns it into pure Heavy Metal theatre. There’s melody, riffs and a huge cacophony of sterling silver Power Metal to be had here; ‘’Episodes Of Mania’’ doesn’t let up the rigorous Metal pace nor indeed does the rampant charge of ‘’Redemption,’’ easily the records stand out track. ‘’Take Back Yesterday’’ could be a radio friendly fan catcher, dropping the overtly Metal feel of the album quite abruptly. ‘’Anathema’’ has a riff that Iommi would be proud of and it seems obligatory that each Power Metal album has the divisive Power ballad, and ‘’Consequence Of Power’’ is no different, however, ‘’Blood Of An Angel’’ is the last track for a reason; the reason being that the previous nine are far more enjoyable and thus making this over-powering, over-long excuse for a song happily redundant.


So "Consequence of Power" is yet another fine release from a band not content to just play out the old Power Metal stereotypes. Album number six should be out shortly!!

(Online March 24, 2011)

Chris Doran

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