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Quicksand Dream - Aelin - A Story About Destiny (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Heavy Metal / Epic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 51:10
Band homepage: Quicksand Dream


  1. Prologue 
  2. A Child Was Born 
  3. House of Wisdom 
  4. Caress of the Breeze 
  5. Road Goes Ever On
  6. The Lighthouse Dream
  7. Aelin's Oath
Quicksand Dream - Aelin - A Story About Destiny

Well what do we have here? A Swedish 90s Heavy Metal band, not how often do you see that happening? We all know the 90s trends from Sweden with some of the most immortal music that was ever written. Of course I'm talking about the Swedish Death Metal scene, or here and there some good Black Metal, but generally when you think about Sweden, you wouldn't expect anything too Classical, at least I don't right away.

This release from the year 2000 seems to be the first and only album of QUICKSAND DREAM(pretty weird name if you ask me), apart from some obscure split back in 1993, entitled "Metal North." Sadly, they haven't written or released any other material up to date, since their style is pretty traditional and consistent, sounding very coarse, yet still nice and juicy. You can clearly hear the Nordic influence on their sound, resembling something BATHORY might have done here or there. The chanting and vocals on this album make the overall feeling pretty goddamn epic, while the guitar work may be fuzzy and a little rough, but still manages to fit good to the rest of the music. The bass is audible and quite dominant at times, grooving with the simple verses and rocking on with the solo parts. Overall song composition is fairly complex if you will, but still sticking to a traditional Heavy Metal style where it's easy to overlook the whole happenings here. A little disappointing aspect here is the production of the drums, which sound a little shallow or lifeless, something like that. It clearly lacks some points there, even if the drumming is very decent, the sound lacks something.

This is the type of CD you can listen to if you're tired of all the stuff you regularly listen to and need something extremely underground, you can listen to this in the background or show it off to your friends, no one will complain. It's not ultra-offensive, it's mellow at times, yet still sounds epic, even though the lack of a good production makes it sort of squeaky at times. Additionally, you can clearly hear the blend between 70s fuzzy Hard Rock or Doom and the bridge to Heavy Metal, so it definitely gets some points for sound cool. Also another thing that I like about this CD is the artwork; it's simple, looks nice and is discreet. Go get this and listen to it, you'll like it.

(Online March 29, 2011)

Aris Stefanov

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