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Ephel Duath - Phormula (6,5/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Code666
Playing time: 42:33
Band homepage: Ephel Duath


  1. Embossed
  2. The Greyness Grows Already Old
  3. Danza
  4. A Flickering Warmth
  5. Myriad
  6. Pursuing The Instinct
  7. The Blow's Rhymer
  8. Elapsed
Ephel Duath - Phormula
The small Italian label code666 seems to have written onto their banners to differ from all those other labels... After RAKOTH already had been an avantgardistic Black Metal-slab, EPHEL DUATH have emerged from a similar hell, because easy digestibility is one attribute their music for sure does not have.

"Embossed", the opener, already offers quite abstract song-structures, with keyboards, drum-computer, croaking voice, but also melodic/calm passages. Everything taken together puts still a great demand onto the listener and also the will to sit down to listen to it and follow all the surprising twists and turns of the music.

"The Greyness Grows Already Old" then suddenly takes up clean vocals with a quite calm and melodious part (most probably the chorus, if it exists at all), just to surprise everyone with "Danza" again, because a nice riff is leaving its mark on its way through almost the whole song, showing the more accessible side of the Italians. In the middle part, the song suddenly reverts to the weirder parts of the opener, just to return to the melodic part, then also taking up a modern Dancefloor-rhythm... It's extremely difficult to put the EPHEL DUATH-sound into words, because once you get used to a certain direction, it suddenly performs a 180-degree-turn and back again.

"Myriad" could almost be named medieval, while "Pursuing The Instinct" comes through quite abstract and weird.

Just like RAKOTH, this is not a CD for everybody and even less to listen to in the background, because this album demands the full attention of the listener, from the beginning until the end.

Alexander Melzer

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