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Wyvern - Lords Of Winter (3/10) - Sweden - 2011

Genre: Power Metal / Symphonic Metal
Label: Jolly Roger
Playing time: 63:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Lord of Winter

  2. Twin Factory                

  3. Her Majesty Rage                     

  4. Reflections

  5. The Other One              

  6. Winter Tale                   

  7. Shine               

  8. Ice Guardian                 

  9. Eternal Symphony                    

  10. Out in the Rain



Wyvern - Lords Of Winter

Italian Power Metal is an important genre; RHAPSODY OF FIRE and LABYRINTH being two reference bands. WYVERN is contemporary of them, but unfortunately, this band doesn’t have enough elements to stand out with them. The first thing that came to my mind after listening to this album was that this band is trying to put together many features from other representative bands of the genre. Unfortunately, it was not a very good effort considering the band doesn't show half the talent of such great bands.


The album is very uninspired, flat and poorly performed. The generic sound and a poor work during production and edition leave us with a very uninteresting release by this band.  


But the most noticeable flaw of the album is the vocal performance. I will say it few words: Fabio Bonaccorsi is not a good singer. That will be obvious for anyone who is a veteran fan of the genre. His voice has absolutely no power or intensity, to the point of being boring after a while. It doesn’t spread energy or give us the feeling that we are actually listening to an epic adventure or a fantasy tale. (It is POWER Metal after all).


The music is just ok, but there are songs that don’t have any consistency at all. It gives me the sensation that they were trying to add elements from other genres (especially Thrash) that were not adequate at all. There was a moment I thought that I was listening to a bad imitation of ANTHRAX. You will notice this particular feature on songs like “Shine” and “Out in the Rain.” It doesn’t seem like the band was trying to create something new. It is so generic that it approaches being outdated and completely pointless.


The longest songs “Reflections” and “Eternal Symphony” don’t accomplish anything interesting. They are just songs that exist trying to put the basic "epic tune" on the album, which is not a good thing considering that songs that long should bring emotional feelings to the listener. None of these elements were achieved during the time I listened to the album. (Using “scary voices" that sound like "Gregorian Chants" doesn’t make a song “epic.”)


Overall, it is an album where you have to be very open-minded if you want to enjoy it. If it is a Symphonic Metal album, it lacks emotion and musical quality. If it is a Power Metal album, it lacks intensity and a strong vocal performance. Unfortunately, for me, it is grounded on a limbo of an outdated sound that doesn't even deserve to be called "Old School." If you are a hardcore fan of the genre, you should pass it and look for something fresher.

(Online April 1, 2011)

Stan Higareda

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