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Made Of Hate - Pathogen (7,5/10) - Poland - 2010

Genre: Power Metal / Death Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 37:33
Band homepage: Made Of Hate


  1. Friend
  2. Russian Roulette
  3. You, Departed
  4. I Can’t Believe
  5. Lock’n’load
  6. Pathogen
  7. False Flag
  8. Questions
Made Of Hate - Pathogen

The impact that bands like CHILDREN OF BODOM and NORTHER have had on music is somewhat of a surprising vastness. The slightly Death toned Power Metal style has seemingly taken a life of its own and inspired a slew of new bands in its wake, including MADE OF HATE. With this band’s sophomore effort, “Pathogen,” MADE OF HATE is showing the world that despite their rather already established sound they are still able to craft some of the Metal mixing that works.


With able abilities to blend harsh tendencies, some Thrash like tempos, chaotic layering, and the catchy melodies that make Power Metal a regular for those willing to love it, “Pathogen” really mixes it all together into a stew of hearty proportions. Although the resemblance to the previous mentioned bands seems rather up front and almost too similar, the record doesn’t let that stop it from really utilizing its elements.


Taking some of Thrash’s better riff abilities and layering it over with some finger shredding solos, leads, and the catchiest melodies possible “Pathogen” is a varied bomb of tasty guitar licks. Overlaying the foundations of wicked bass stomping rhythms and a diverse, if not sometimes a little down played drum performance, the band crafts some deep multi-faceted tracks. Although the tracks run a bit long and the album tends to be a little ‘too much of the same’, taken on their own, each track really satiates that need for both the Metal energy/edge while sticking with that ear-catching sound.


The vocals are the largest hit or miss aspect of “Pathogen.” Although at times the vocalist nails his harsh crooning that matches the rest of the music, he struggles at times and ends up sounding too much like Mr. Lordi of LORDI. This adds a rather cheesy element that doesn’t quite fit. It felt like he should either delve deeper towards a more guttural sound or hit a more sing-a-long approach to help with the melodic element. As is, he sticks to his style throughout and it can be lackluster.


“Pathogen” is quite an enjoyable and well-crafted listen. Seeing as its only MADE OF HATE’s sophomore effort, they are well ahead of the curve at blending Metal genres. Although the album is not perfect, the band seems to have the talent and musicianship intact here.


Songs to check out: “Friend,” “Lock’n’load,” “Pathogen.”

(Online April 5, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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