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Helstar - The James Rivera Legacy (8,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Iron Glory Records
Playing time: 46:57
Band homepage: Helstar


  1. Sirens Of The Sun
  2. Changeless Season
  3. Social Circle
  4. Scalpel And The Skin
  5. Sinister Deity
  6. Rage In The Wind
  7. Black Silhouette Skies
  8. Nightmare Extraordinaire
  9. Changeless Season
  10. Lost To Be Found
Helstar - The James Rivera Legacy
One of the greatest Power Metal-bands of all time releases an album! Well, not completely right. This is rather the last HELSTAR-demo, together with the 1991-tape under the banner of VIGILANTE! The songs, of course, are too good not to be released on CD. And my tapes are grinded out.

The material shows HELSTAR more straight, especially the VIGILANTE-material. "Black Silhouette Skies" most probably is the catchiest track that James Rivera ever has sung. But the straight stuff also suits them very well. Forget the dismal "Multiples Of Black"-album, which also had contained songs of this CD. The quality is a lot better on "The James Rivera Legacy". But don't expect a brilliant production, after all it's all demo-recordings.

It doesn't reach milestones like "Remnants Of War" or "A Distant Thunder", but every fan of great US Metal should have this one.

Ralf Henn

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