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Kryoburn - Three Years Eclipsed (8/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 46:23
Band homepage: Kryoburn


  1. Broken Hero
  2. Burning The Doubt
  3. Event Horizon
  4. Slaughtered With Lies
  5. Introspective
  6. Season Of Suicide
  7. Reinvention
  8. Mortal Instinct
  9. The Sickening
Kryoburn - Three Years Eclipsed

Perhaps it’s just the albums that come across my listening queue, but it would seem that Modern Metal is starting to really take off. Although it’s really just a more progressive version of Industrial Metal at its core (usually with lots of elements from other Metal genres mashed in), this launching of an underrated side of the Metal community is rather exciting. Even KYROBURN has decided to release a new album, “Three Years Eclipsed”. Their sophomore effort is a nice addition to the Modern Metal in my collection for sure.


Combining elements of a more Groove Metal oriented foundation with barking screams, riff heavy focuses, bass heavy mixes, and lots of swinging drum patterns, KRYOBURN are taking a rather basic sound and just progressing with it by adding in clean vocals and synths/keys to give it a much needed melodic facelift. The rhythms on “Three Years Eclipsed” strongly focus on that mechanical and mathematical duel punch of stop and go pops (with that drum/riff pairing that works so well) and the synths, occasional guitar leads, and digitalized crooning allow the band to venture off into a more melodic area that balances it all out.


Even with all of the tracks that blend together too much, “Three Years Eclipsed” does strike a rather memorable balance between the Industrial elements and its Metal foundations. If there was one aspect I wanted to hear the band run with on this sophomore effort it’s the ambient part. “Event Horizon” really starts to dabble in these odd spacey moments of the synth work, giving it a distinct MESHUGGAH flavor, and easily makes it a memorable head-trip. The band doesn’t use this enough on the record though.


KRYOBURN certainly know how Modern Metal can work and they hit some solid strides as they run with it on “Three Years Eclipsed”. With a great production, thanks to Tue Madsen, and some great performances and writing, this is a sleeper album that is certain to earn some spins in my collection.


Songs to check out: “Event Horizon”, “Slaughtered With Lies”, “Broken Hero”.

(Online April 27, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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