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11 tablatures for Gut

Gut - The Singles Collection (6/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Porngrind
Label: Moral Insanity
Playing time: 52:02
Band homepage: Gut


  1. Art of Butchery  
  2. Mankish; Undead & Pulverized Vagina / Putrefaction in Dehydrawlic Sperm Soup          
  3. Consequence    
  4. Wound Fuck  
  5. Corroded In Bestialized & Gorefying Wormjizz  
  6. They Squeal Like Pigs     
  7. Intro / Women in Decay  
  8. Grotesque Deformities  
  9. Disgusting Corpse Dissection  
  10. Bizarre Reality of Bestiality     
  11. Hyperintestinal Vulva Desecration  
  12. I'll Make You Dead  
  13. Septic Oral Sex  
  14. Drastic Mutilation  
  15. Confessions of a Necrophile  
  16. Spermatic Suffocation     
  17. Sperminator  
  18. Intestinal Cumshot     
  19. Dead Girls Don't Say No  
  20. Vagina Berserker  
  21. Pussy Grinder      
  22. Anal Sushi  
  23. Revel In Cunt Slime  
  24. Fistful of Sperm     
  25. Inverted Pussyfix  
  26. Cripple Bitch  
  27. Atomic Nuclear Desolation


Gut - The Singles Collection

“The Singles Collection” is exactly what it appears to be; it’s a selection of the 27 dirtiest tracks GUT have conceived. To this end, I could criticize the album for lacking the fluidity or continuity that’d be expected from a Grindcore album, but most of GUT’s work doesn’t have that anyway. It’s simply a rather disparaging lucky-bag of material, offering a fair balance between generic Grind and a more structured, slightly rocky approach similar to their porn-obsessed brethren COCK & BALL TORTURE.  The latter is where GUT excels, and is able to break away from other porn themed Grindcore acts by simply bringing a bit of form and structure to the table.


One of the few noteworthy elements of the album is the vocals. Porngrind vocalists never cease to impress me with their large array of disgusting burps and grizzled bear rumbles, and GUT certainly know what to provide in this area.  “They Squeal like Pigs” is the perfect example, with the heavily synthesized voice that ends up sounding like a robot dog with laryngitis. It’s great.


There’s not much else to say here, if you’re a fan of the genre, then you’ll already have covered yourself entirely in bacon grease and listened to this collection twice through. However if you’re looking for a good place to start on this road of humiliation and depravity, GUT are certainly the best choice. Otherwise, peg your nostrils closed and stay far away.


(Online April 29, 2011)

James Harvey

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