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Profanatica - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (9,5/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hell's Headbangers
Playing time: 40:22
Band homepage: Profanatica


  1. Black Cum
  2. Pious Piece Of Shit
  3. Christ's Precious Blood Poisoned
  4. Smashing Religious Fucking Statues
  5. Fuck The Blood Of The Lamb
  6. Covered In Black Shit
  7. No Trumpet Shall Sound
  8. Crush All That Is Holy Defile
  9. Excrement Sacrosanct
  10. Angel With Cock
Profanatica - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God

In a time where every Metal band and their mother are fixated on obtaining the cleanest, squeakiest, nicest sound for their group, it’s refreshing that groups like PROFANATICA are around to take a giant collective dump on all of it.


As some may know, PROFANATICA circa 2000s is the project of Paul Ledney (HAVOHEJ, INCANTATION) and John Gelso (THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME). Together, these two men have written some of the highest quality Black Metal to ever come out of the United States. Their 2010 offering does not fail to disappoint. Although my personal preference leans towards the 1990-1992 era of the band, since their reformation in 2001, they’ve been pumping out quality material.


What one immediately notices upon the opening track “Black Cum” is how bassy this album is. It is incredibly rare in Metal, much less Black Metal, to have the bass so forward in the mix. However, it is almost as heavily distorted as the guitars; so one would not be mistaken in suspecting that there are two guitars; a pretty neat effect. Drums are simple, but effective, hammering home in tandem with the sludgy tremolo riffs that permeate this album.


The first half of the album is more characterized by speed, with simple battering songs that express violent, primitive hatred for Christ and his flock. The blasphemous theme endures throughout, though for the latter half of the album PROFANATICA introduces slower paced structures, to great effect. Doom influenced crawls such as “Covered In Black Shit” and the menacing closer “Angel With Cock” display an interesting take on Black Metal.


This album would in theory be characterized as yet another raw Black Metal album. In practice, PROFANATICA take that template and expand upon it. To call this album one of many would be a disservice; rather, it is one which distinguishes itself from its contemporaries, and is a highly recommended listen for fans of Black Metal. Perhaps even some Sludge/Doom fans who wish to introduce themselves to the genre would take a liking to this release. Filthy, barbaric, and not a trace of Post-Rock anywhere.




(Online May 2, 2011)

Christopher Karlas

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