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Loneload - Love Would Never Work (2/10) - Italy - 2010

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 30:18
Band homepage: Loneload


  1. Einstein
  2. Bad Kitchen
  3. Silly Dead
  4. Into The City Centre
  5. Load Of Pain
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Rotten Lone
  8. Sick Of The Scene
  9. To Alex
  10. Goodnight
Loneload - Love Would Never Work

LONELOAD is a one-woman act helmed by Italian composer Laura Liparulo. Her debut album, “Love Would Never Work,” is meant to be a reflection of “a very sick life” spent listening to ‘80s Hard Rock and Metal, and it touches on some of the ostracism fans of such music have probably felt while growing up. “Love Would Never Work” is a heavily personal album, both lyrics-wise and production-wise, and Liparulo deserves to be commended for the amount of effort put into this album.


While Liparulo certainly deserves an “A” for effort, the actual music is kind of dreadful. Coming off as a loose marriage of Grunge and ‘80s Rock, “Love Would Never Work” is a collection of ten songs that range from mediocre to dismal. While the opener “Einstein” features a decent little riff at the beginning, the song runs into trouble as soon as Liparulo steps up to the mic. Ignoring the fact that she often struggles to hold longer notes, her gravelly singing voice leaves much to be desired, coming off as little more than a poor Courtney Love impression. On “Bad Kitchen,” she produces a constant nasal squawk that renders the song all but unlistenable.


Aside from the one good riff at the beginning of “Einstein,” Liparulo’s guitar playing is also fairly basic and unmemorable. She even comes dangerously close to aping the classic riff from GNR’s “Sweet Child Of Mine” during the intro to “Rotten Lone.” Fortunately, she manages to deliver a fairly competent solo on “Into The City Centre,” though, and her harmonica playing on “Load Of Pain” combined with some good ‘80s Metal riffs turns it into the most enjoyable song on the record, by far.


It appears Liparulo is already working on her second self-production, due out in Autumn 2011. More importantly, it seems she is already aware of the shortcomings of LONELOAD’s debut, promising that the second album will be a “much better release” and commenting that other reviews have given her the energy to “make [the album] better next time.” I sincerely hope this is the case, as Liparulo does display an obvious love for her craft; hopefully the second album will feature improved vocals and a broader repertoire of guitar tricks. Until then, curious listeners can download “Love Would Never Work” for free at LONELOAD’s website.

(Online May 12, 2011)

Mitchel Betsch

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