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Promiscuity - Infernal Rock N' Roll (7/10) - Israel - 2011

Genre: Thrash Metal / Black Metal
Label: Israhellbanger
Playing time: 11:15
Band homepage: Promiscuity


  1. Infernal Rock ‘n Roll
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Gybenhinnom


Promiscuity - Infernal Rock N' Roll

Standing in complete opposition to some of their Progressive-minded countrymen like ORPHANED LAND and WINTERHORDE, the Israelis in PROMISCUITY present us with a three-track demo of Jurassic Metal in the vein of ancient HELLHAMMER, VENOM and BATHORY. 1984 here we go... 

OK, so there’s not even a smidge of originality at play here – this dirty Blackened Thrash ‘n’ Roll sound has been done to death after all – but I have to admit to having some fun with these three tracks of booze-up, fucked-up noise. It’s not pretty, but then again it was never meant to be. Barring the ridiculous intro sample, the title track gets things off to a raucous start, with the groovy Thrashing riffs and primitive vocals recalling HELLHAMMER in all its screwed-up glory, while “Crime and Punishment” (no relation to Dostoyevsky’s classic novel) amps up the attack by injecting a bunch of really rocking solos. “Gybenhinnom” is a tad slower but fits in great with the rest of the material. Despite the deliberately retrograde quality of the songs, the production isn’t actually as bad as I’d feared. The vocals are perhaps a little too high in the mix but the guitars have a nice crunch to them. 

PROMISCUITY’s chosen style may be maddeningly simplistic and derivative but they definitely play with a lot of raw passion. It’s loud, rocking, and mercilessly catchy, and I can’t really ask for much more from this type of thing. This demo probably won’t win them any significant amount of fans, but those with a soft spot for the abovementioned bands would do well to check out these Israeli bastards.

(Online May 13, 2011)

Neil Pretorius

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