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2 tablatures for Desecration

Desecration - Gore and Perversion 2 (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 52:32
Band homepage: Desecration


Raping the Corpse    

Human Gore     

Penile Dissection     

It Can't Be My Grave      

Dead Bitch in the Skip    

No More Room in the Freezer      

Mutilated Genitalia      

Immense Suffering      

To Kill with a Drill      

Pharaonic Circumcision      

Coprophilliac Connoisseur      

Fontanelle Fornication      


Desecration - Gore and Perversion 2

DESECRATION are something of a local legend back in the rather small region of Wales where I reside. Of course, they were never on the television. They were never on the radio. And even back in the year 1995, if you’d have asked who these depraved geezers were, most people probably couldn’t give you a straight answer. They’d be clueless. So how is it, you ask, that this band of merry Deathsters are a legend by your reckoning? Because if you ask this to anyone who knows anything about Metal; their eyes will well-up with misty recollection. And they’ll break into a story:


The year is 1995, Newport, South Wales. Vocalist Ollie Jones and guitarists Michael Hourihan and Glenn Thomas have not long released their second demo “Pharonic Circumcision/Immense Suffering.” During the first three years they were together, the band managed to record enough material to warrant a debut release. “Gore and Perversion” was then unleashed. But this was not to be, the local Gwent constabulary police deemed the artwork far too obscene for publication, and seized every copy being sold, as well as arresting each band member.


The ensuing court battle concluded with the album being sold with a black cover stating ‘SORRY! Censored by the authorities.’ The band took this in their stride however, and went on to release two other albums, leaving the legacy and controversy behind them. That was until 2001 when “Gore and Perversion” was rerecorded and remastered, titled “Gore and Perversion 2,” in keeping with the original as much as possible.


The album was released in 2003, and it suffices to say I didn’t have any troubles finding it. It’s interesting to note that the original artwork is still deemed unfit for sale, so the new artwork, while certainly not as striking, sums up the lyrical content perfectly. The horror movie/news flash samples used throughout are often hilarious and well timed, and contribute a great deal toward the albums personality.


Stylistically, DESECRATION sounds a great deal like their Floridian counterpart DEICIDE, albeit with more of an emphasis on breakdowns. To that end, the album is very typical of mid-90’s Death Metal, but with a modern production ethic. The Thrash/Death mash-up will definitely appeal to any fans of the old school, and you can take pleasure in knowing that the lyrics are boasted about by the band as being some of the sickest ever recorded. I’m inclined to agree.


DESECRATION are just as an important aspect of the 90’s Metal scene as the likes of CRYPTOPSY and DEVOURMENT, and considering the area in which they started (which let’s be honest, is known for nothing in Metal terms. NOTHING), they triumphed over insurmountable odds. It took a dab of controversy to get them going, but that says more about the media than the band itself. DESECRATION’s “Gore and Perversion 2” is a brilliant album and a worthy rerelease, and should be at the top of any Death Metal fans wish list.

(Online May 11, 2011)

James Harvey

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