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Profundis Tenebrarum - Pathogenesis (7/10) - Spain - 2008

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Antichristian Front
Playing time: 45:27
Band homepage: Profundis Tenebrarum


  1. Morbid Martyr To Forget
  2. Hexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
  3. Kathoticon (Grim Devotion Ascenzion)
  4. Pathogenesis
  5. Eternal Curse
  6. Abomination Of God
  7. The Sickness Within (Furobacterium Necrophorum)
  8. Descending To Throne Of Inferno
Profundis Tenebrarum - Pathogenesis

You know, despite my pretty firm belief of Metal being in a creative gutter since around 1996, I am always grateful when a band proves me wrong. That doesn’t happen much, but sometimes I encounter groups who certainly make me think.


PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM performs a convincing fusion of BURZUM and ANTAEUS’ dissonance, with some spots of early BEHEMOTH and IMMORTAL in the guitar work. Songs are written in a nonlinear style, each being more of a journey through riffs and motifs. Keyboards are sparingly used; it is good to see them utilized to accomplish moments of stirring mood within the music, and not just thrown in for window dressing. The riffs range from meandering string skipping to segmented chord driven rages, and are most effective at their tasks.


Unfortunately, PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM has not crafted a masterpiece. Percussion can be one-dimensional, being guilty of monotony and over-reliance on blast beats at times. The vocals also do not vary much. This normally is not a detriment, as the vocalist here is skilled; it is simply because his vocals are not particularly engaging, skilled as they may be. There is also a point where the compositions drag on…which doesn’t bode well for an album with only five actual tracks. Standout tracks are nonexistent, as the uniformity of this music is both its strength and its weakness. This is a sophomore effort; perhaps there is room for improvement with a third release.


For one who is intrigued by the description above; have at it. An above average effort, though still with moments of facelessness.

(Online May 14, 2011)

Christopher Karlas

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