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Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2011

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 36:24
Band homepage: Vomitory


  1. Regorge in the Morgue
  2. Bloodstained
  3. They Will Burn
  4. The Dead Awaken
  5. Hate in a Time Of War
  6. Torturous Ingenious
  7. Forever Damned
  8. Shrouded in Darkness
  9. Combat Psychosis
  10. Requiem for the Fallen
Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think the band name VOMITORY could very well go down as one of the most quintessential Metal names of all-time.


Like Metal, barfing is an explosion of the senses that quickly cuts a swath in whatever direction its juices flow. The mere act of vomiting forces retcher and audience alike to double over in head-banging congruence; the sound and fury of projectile puke is an impressive showcase; and the spew’s successive smell is enough to clear a room, rapidly dispatching all squeamish spectators in proximity.


Matter-of-factly, vomit and Metal go hand-in-hand.


Also fittingly titled is the eighth release by Sweden’s VOMITORY, “Opus Mortis VIII,” a barreling, beast of an Old School Death Metal record that exists solely for the sake of boiling blood and breaking limbs. There’s no reinventing the wheel with “Opus Mortis VIII.” You aren’t going to come across an acoustic medley halfway through “Hate in a Time of War,” and there won’t be any wank-ass sweep-fests and Djent breakdowns in “They Will Burn.” No, this is Death fucking Metal done the old-fashioned way, so if you’re too much of a fancy-pants, gangway, because VOMITORY are hopped on Mexican pharmaceutical stackers and battle rhythms are the name of the game.


Jam-packed with tremolo-picking, d-beat foot-stomping, and enough chugging to fill a brewery, “Opus Mortis VIII” works because of its diehard affinity for keeping it brutally honest. Sure, it’s not going to cause earthquakes and many may deem the album ‘safe,’ but VOMITORY do what VOMITORY does best: compose face-crunching, mid-paced Death. The crisp production values are excellent; the typical gargantuan Swedish axe tone hits like a four-by-four; the vocals are deep, gurgled, and evil; and while the arrangements are simple and predictable, their forthwith execution gives “Opus Mortis VIII” even more of that rough-and-rumble rudimentary appeal.


Whether they’re doling out big Doom-ridden riffs like those heavy motherfuckers found on “Shrouded in Darkness,” or flaring up Crusty Death anthems like the opener “Regorge in the Morgue,” “Opus Mortis VIII” is a generalized Death Metal album that pays more reverence than it adds genre innovation, but that’s okay. Hell, that’s just fine, because if you want thick, rancid barf in the form of catchy Old School pummeling Death, look no further. VOMITORY does the trick.


Pukahontas recommends: “They Will Burn” and “Combat Psychosis.”  

(Online May 9, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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