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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - GORGASM - Orgy of Murder

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Gorgasm - Orgy of Murder (7/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Porngrind / Goregrind
Label: Brutal Bands
Playing time: 29:01
Band homepage: Gorgasm


  1. Bloodlust
  2. Dirty Cunt Beatdown
  3. Axe to Mouth
  4. Infection Induced Erection
  5. Decapitation Sodomy
  6. Exhibit of Repugnance
  7. Cum Inside the Carcass
  8. Third Degree Taste
  9. Erotic Dislimbing
  10. Scourge of the Christians
  11. Silence Follows Dismemberment
Gorgasm - Orgy of Murder

All Things Putrid #6


When an album begins with a woman groaning orgasmically amid the slopping sounds of a cannibalistic butcher shop, chances are you’ve stumbled across a little something deemed Pornogrind, the apex in what the FCC describes as offensive music. From the name alone, GORGASM, there appears to be no refuting that genre tag, especially when considering eloquently-placed song titles like “Dirty Cunt Beatdown” and “Cum Inside the Carcass,” but on a comprehensive closer-listen, the style these Americans play can be unequivocally summed up as Slamming Brutal Death Metal…with sex.


Jam-packed with lyrical passages you’d be less than inclined to read aloud to your mother, GORGASM’s latest offering of misogynistic filth arrives in the seeping form of “Orgy of Murder,” a half-hour’s worth of perverted pummeling and sexually sadistic slamming. Admittedly baby-vomit green in the Gore-Pornogrind subgenres, I was initially worried whether I would be able to grasp the sheer scope of “Axe to Mouth” and its intellectual barrage of how to precisely and simultaneously axe-murder and sodomize.


Aside from the album’s disgustingly hilarious lyrics (Well, I think they’re funny…what?), “Orgy of Murder” is an above-average sojourn into well-executed Brutal Death. A semblance of extreme groove is heard from start to finish, the technical energy is omnipresent, and the slams, oh yes, the slams are an indelible fixture that give crushing tracks like “Decapitation Sodomy” and the startlingly melodic “Exhibit of Repugnance” their legs. Seeing as how this is GORGASM’s first full-length in over eight years, fans all over will be glad to know these Hoosiers still have a sonic knack for pitiless, pounding Death Metal.   


As sturdy a Brutal Death Metal release as “Orgy or Murder” remains, it undoubtedly suffers from the been-there, done-that. There is a strong array of blasting and creative, aggressive riff-work on hand, especially in the über-catchy “Infection Induced Erection,” but the aforementioned limbs that had GORGASM charging ahead early in the album appear to lose steam short of the finish line before finally finding a second wind with the monster closer “Silence Follows Dismemberment.”


As puerile as the Gore-Pornogrind genres remain, there exist a solid crop of bands like GORGASM who transcend the off-putting elements of gore and rape by creating shocking, visceral, and impressive Brutal Death. It’s not a world-breaker, but a few jaws it just may crack.


Me(n)tal note: The only original band member remaining is vocalist/guitarist Tom Leski.

(Online May 10, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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