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Mindcage - Encapsulation (9,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Perpetual Motion
Playing time: 38:56
Band homepage: Mindcage


  1. Outrage
  2. Between The Worlds
  3. Chains Of Freedom
  4. No More
  5. A Turn Of Events
  6. GoodBye
Mindcage - Encapsulation
WOW! This CD is the absolute hammer! Could it be that bands like OCTOBER THORNS, AZTEC JADE and MINDCAGE are starting some kind of New Wave Of American Progressive Metal?

Already the opener pales most current releases of this genre with ease, because "Outrage" stands on a level that many bands won't even reach in their dreams! Enriched with expertly used vocal-samples of a court-scene MINDCAGE excel with both demanding and accessible Progressive Metal, which contains a brilliance you can hardly put into words. Additionally they have an outstanding vocalist in Mike Gray, who is supported with the powerful voice of Boudeeka. Awesome!

After "Between The Worlds", which offers the more progressive side of the genre, "Chains Of Freedom" is yet another outstanding track, this time more in the slow- to mid-paced regions, with very good vocals, altogether more than once reminiscent of QUEENSRYCHE's heyday.

"No More" again unfolds the progressiveness, but never getting tangled within breaks or other strange parts, but always remaining accessible and never losing the necessary flow of the song. "A Turn Of Events" then shows yet another facet of MINDCAGE, starting out very emotional and balladesque, then rising into a mid-tempo-part, just to get more emotional again.

Well, and the end is made up by "GoodBye", which is quite a bit more Metal than the previous songs and also is differently structured than the rest, the chorus even has some Power Metal-touch to it.

So give this band a chance, because they could become the next big thing and all record-labels: Listen to this CD and then send your contracts to the band!

Get it via Rising Sun Records, Pulser Damm 4, D-25560 Oldenborstel, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 4892/82082, Fax: +49 (0) 4892/82084, Website.

Alexander Melzer

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