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Patrick Weiler - Personal Top 20 of 2002

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Cover of Threshold - 'Critical Mass'

Threshold - Critical Mass (English)
Threshold - Critical Mass (Deutsch)

Cover of Spocks Beard - 'Snow'

Spocks Beard - Snow

Cover of Blind Guardian - 'A Night At The Opera'

Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera (English)
Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera (Deutsch)

Cover of Avantasia - 'The Metal Opera Pt. II'

Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt. II (English)
Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt. II (Deutsch)

Cover of Saxon - 'Heavy Metal Thunder'

Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder (English)
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder (Deutsch)

Cover of Immortal - 'Sons Of Northern Darkness'

Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness (English)
Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness (Deutsch)

Cover of Manowar - 'Warriors Of The World'

Manowar - Warriors Of The World (English)
Manowar - Warriors Of The World (Deutsch)

Cover of Hammerfall - 'Crimson Thunder'

Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder (English)
Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder (Deutsch)

Cover of Sentenced - 'The Cold White Light'

Sentenced - The Cold White Light (English)
Sentenced - The Cold White Light (Deutsch)

Cover of Satyricon - 'Volcano'

Satyricon - Volcano (English)
Satyricon - Volcano (Deutsch)

Cover of Iron Maiden - 'Rock In Rio'

Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (English)
Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (Deutsch)

Cover of Dark Tranquility - 'Damage Done'

Dark Tranquility - Damage Done (English)
Dark Tranquility - Damage Done (Deutsch)

Cover of Amon Amarth - 'Versus The World'

Amon Amarth - Versus The World (English)
Amon Amarth - Versus The World (Deutsch)

Cover of In Flames - 'Reroute To Remain'

In Flames - Reroute To Remain (English)
In Flames - Reroute To Remain (Deutsch)

Cover of Kreator - 'Violent Revolution'

Kreator - Violent Revolution (English)
Kreator - Violent Revolution (Deutsch)

Cover of Opeth - 'Deliverance'

Opeth - Deliverance (English)
Opeth - Deliverance (Deutsch)

Cover of Judas Priest - 'Live In London'

Judas Priest - Live In London

Cover of Rush - 'Vapor Trails'

Rush - Vapor Trails

Cover of Nightwish - 'Century Child'

Nightwish - Century Child (English)
Nightwish - Century Child (Deutsch)

Cover of Rage - 'Unity'

Rage - Unity (English)
Rage - Unity (Deutsch)

Patrick Weiler

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