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Kiss - Hotter Than Hell (9/10) - USA - 1974

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Mercury
Playing time: 33:17
Band homepage: Kiss


  1. Got To Choose
  2. Parasite
  3. Goin' Blind
  4. Hotter Than Hell
  5. Let Me Go, Rock N Roll
  6. All The Way
  7. Watchin' You
  8. Mainline
  9. Comin' Home
  10. Strange Ways
Kiss - Hotter Than Hell
This has got to be one of the band's finer moments if you ask me. While people continue to say that "Destroyer" is their best, "Hotter Than Hell" shouldn't be over looked. Take for example ANTHRAX. They covered "Parasite". Just goes to show you that there is more to the band than just "Destroyer".

Anyway, "Got To Choose" had some killer guitar playing from a then young Ace Frehley that had some very memorable riffs that most KISS fans could identify a million miles away. "Parasite" is a jam that doesn't let up. It has some contagious riffs. Gene's singing on this track is classic. The track has a dark over tone, but is a classic in every way possible. KISS manages to show their softer side with "Goin' Blind". This song is still great to hear when they play it live today.

Gene and company tell us what he wants to do with the fun little number "Let Me Go, Rock N Roll". Ace takes over on the mic with "Strange Ways" which is a great tune. His fantastic, yet strange guitar playing still keeps me fascinated even today. While I am not the biggest Peter Criss fan, he provided some great beats for this album. It was also technical to boot as well in some points of the songs.

This may not be their biggest selling album, but it's still great and dark sounding as well. You shouldn't over look this one. (Online February 1, 2003)

Joe Florez

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