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Silent Voices - Chapters Of Tragedy (7,5/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Low Frequency Records
Playing time: 46:12
Band homepage: Silent Voices


  1. Beyond Shadows
  2. HumanCradleGrave
  3. Tragedy
  4. Cross My Path
  5. Falling From Grace
  6. Glassheart
  7. The Last Sunset
Silent Voices - Chapters Of Tragedy
Hello! These voices are not as silent as you might think with the name, quite heavy stuff that the opener "Beyond Shadows" is delivering here! Double-bass, keyboards, didn't the info sheet say something about Progressive Metal?

Yes, it has and yes, it is, "Chapters Of Tragedy" IS Prog Metal, but not the "Hard Prog" with 160 BPM (breaks per minute), but with a good measure of breaks and shifts in their music to justify this categorization, including those keyboards lines that you only find in Prog.

The nice thing about SILENT VOICES is that they quite often also break down into quiet passages, mostly borne by piano and Michael Henneken's very ear-pleasing voice, next to DREAM THEATER-like parts or a real Metal outbreak to loosen things up, altogether a mix that doesn't go into your ears at first listen yet, but really grows on you, if you take a little time and give it some attention instead of just listening to it in the background.

Even though I have got no clue, if the musicians even have heard the name of them, but apart from DREAM THEATER I also hear a certain VANDEN PLAS touch in the quintet's music, which, as an example, is showcased in tracks like "Beyond Shadows", "Falling From Grace" or "Glassheart". Also "HumanCradleGrave", a re-recording of one of the two tracks off their last self-published single "You Got It", convinces through those calm passages.

At first listen "Chapters Of Tragedy" did sound quite unspectacular, so I was not immediately propelled to press play again, yet during the second time around SILENT VOICES' debut already began to reveal its details, showing the potential of this young quintet that should not go unnoticed by fans of Prog. (Online February 1, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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