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Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory Of Man (7,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Crustcore / Grindcore / Black Metal
Label: Willowtip
Playing time: 28:16
Band homepage: Watchmaker


  1. Dawn Of Indifference/Nuked To Ashes
  2. Oncrushing Advance
  3. Conquering A Dead Planet
  4. Irrevocable Change
  5. Scaffold Of Deception
  6. Gunpoint Stoicism
  7. Bonepile Of False Assumptions
  8. Relentless Post Mortem Killing
  9. Therapeutic Dirt Nap
  10. Mourning Breath
  11. Falling Upwards
  12. Infidelity's Eyestabbing Unease
  13. Swept From All Existence
  14. Lice Crawling Humanity
  15. Inescapable Melancholy
  16. Visiting Plague/Blood Freezing Violence
Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory Of Man

As many of you readers may know, one of the things I advocate in my reviews is that one element cannot make up a whole when it comes to an album. Aesthetics, sound, production, composition; these factors and more must come together cohesively and in a way that makes sense in order to craft a quality album.

That being said, it pleases me that I am sometimes wrong. WATCHMAKER is the latest band that has proven me incorrect in this regard.

One would think an album defined entirely by nihilistic aggression with little thought towards composition, dynamics, or even memorable riffs would be pretty terrible. Well, WATCHMAKER have crafted an album which does nothing except thrash about in a vehement rage which brings to mind an office shooting rampage. Elements of Black Metal, Crust Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, and Noise are present in this release, making for a volatile atmosphere. Yet, with all of this in mind, this album works well at its goal.

None of these songs are very distinct, instead WATCHMAKER opt to let each speak as a series of riffs, blastbeats, and feedback. Each track leads into the other, giving this album the feeling of one long, linear song. There is a certain unhinged quality to this release; as if these young musicians were so fed up with everything that they could not even be bothered to stop recording. If ever there was an album which epitomizes the frustration some feel with the state of the modern world, this would certainly be it.

Do not be decieved, this album is not easy listening, it is not catchy, it is not distinct, and it is among the more extreme Metal releases this reviewer has heard in quite some time. In fact, many will outright despise this album for all of the previous characteristics described. But those very characteristics are this album's strength. Listen well, and let the mind be absorbed into WATCHMAKER's anarchic and unforgiving world.

(Online June 11, 2011)

Christopher Karlas

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