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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DODSFERD - Spitting With Hatred, The Insignificance Of Life

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Dodsferd - Spitting With Hatred, The Insignificance Of Life (8/10) - Greece - 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Moribund Records
Playing time: 55:29
Band homepage: -


  1. The Hate Goes On
  2. Praying In Vain Under The Shrine Of Your God
  3. Your Kingdom Was Built In A Lie
  4. Preaching Death And Destruction
  5. Spitting With Hatred The Insignificance Of Life
  6. A Pile Of Shit; The Only Hope Of Your World
Dodsferd - Spitting With Hatred, The Insignificance Of Life

DODSFERD are nothing if not consistent in their chaos. You always have an inkling what the nature of the ear-bending is going to be with this band, variations are subtle, which is about the only time you will hear the word to describe the band. Once again a brigand's barrage awaits to beat your bonce.

“Spitting With Hatred...” rattles along like a charnel barrel down a mountain side, flinging off splinters and its unsavoury contents as it does so, whilst it tends to get a frantic wobble on, there are periods of drag where DODSFERD are more depressive than aggressive, something that features more on the longer tracks. There are three lengthy songs here, I've listened to the album many times now and I've yet to be touched by tedium, granted I tend to listen to music as an accompaniment to other activities but still I haven't had to stifle a yawn. The slower sections tend to build the moment and gradually raise the emphasis, often without embellishment, as classic Black Metal slow burning stumbles along broken glass rather than the hot coals found elsewhere.

For these big ears, it's the full-on attack that makes the listening worthwhile. The hold on to your hat(e) delivery gets the pulse pumping, DODSFERD don't ask, they insist with persistence that you get involved and it's easy to get swept along in the razorwire rush. Lead guitar riffs spit fire over the tumult and the use of repetition leaves shards of the melody stuck in your noggin, “Preaching Death And Destruction” is such a howler, shut your eyes and you'll still see the flashes of tracer fire streaking across the dark. The huff and puffers have always been the tracks where this band have hooked my snout and I'm happy to report that the trauma trio on this album storm along broiling like a pyroclastic flow.

As for the others, these tend to be brooding affairs, especially the closing track, which utilizes a plaintive motif to bring the album to an end in direct contrast to the brittle charge at the beginning. The end conjures up visions of crawling up a mountain only to jump from the precipice once reached, this introspection make an effective juxtaposition to the spitting bile elsewhere. The other slower tracks aren't so hopeless and tend to be more a case of having the hump on with every man and his dog. The title track has a distinctly Rockish lead melody wandering across it before DODSFERD slip the leash and hell for leather it in fiendish fashion, this track also demonstrates a propensity to wade in with a shitload of bass when the situation demands.

For those of you that enjoy a fusillade of ferocious Black Metal that brimmeth over with spite, you can't really go wrong with “Spitting With Hatred...” The various strings that make up the sound twist into a rope to throttle you. The good thing is that as your legs dance around as you hang swinging, it's because they want to.


(Online June 24, 2011)

Niall MacCartney

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