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Nitro - We Are Nitro (6,5/10) - Turkey - 2011

Genre: Heavy Metal / Hardcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 40:51
Band homepage: Nitro


  1. Suicide Trip
  2. Kill Him Now
  3. Freedoom
  4. Ben De Seni
  5. My Old Shoes
  6. I Just Wanna
  7. Carry On
  8. Tell Me Something
  9. Save Me
  10. Koyun Delisi
  11. Serve It Cold
  12. In This The World
  13. We Are Nitro
  14. World Is Flat
Nitro - We Are Nitro

Focus of a sound is something that many albums have been plighted with in recent years. As the pressure to craft a unique blend of music with distinctly individual characteristics gets heavier and heavier, bands are looking to light up their own path by building music on shifty foundations. This is the main issue with NITRO and their debut “We Are Nitro."


Although the release benefits from its Groove oriented, occasionally PANTERA inspired, and energetic simplicity of writing, “We Are Nitro” loves to meander off into some realms that generally do not vibe with the basis of the album. With the band’s down tuned riff attacks, fun and swinging drum patterns, and bass prompted groove, songs like “Freedoom” and “Suicide Trip” strike a familiar and comfortable resonance for any one that has been following Groove since the 90s. This is where most of NITRO’s highlights stand on this debut.


The two major issues of this debut are a) its lacking memorablity past a few of the mentioned tighter tracks and b) its random pop of different styles. Now the diversity of the album is certainly a plus and it never gets boring (like many bands in Groove/Hardcore can be), but it can also create an odd spectacle too. The OBITUARY Death Metal haze of “Kill Him Now” makes for an interesting song, but off puts the energy of the album. The significant Hardcore sound of “My Old Shoes” and the Punk style (with chants of ‘hey’ too) in “Ben De Seni” lead one to believe that NITRO still isn’t quite sure what they want to sound like.


“We Are Nitro” is certainly a statement for the band. I’m just not sure what that statement is meant to say. The band certainly showcases many ways to play through their Groove Metal basis, but it leads to a rather mixed album that never establishes itself into a groove (pardon the pun). It’s energetic and fun, but its lacking focus hinders the experience.


Songs to check out: “Suicide Trip," “Freedoom."

(Online June 29, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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