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Goretrade - Mistaken Conception (7,5/10) - Colombia - 2010

Genre: Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal
Label: Brutalized Records
Playing time: 35:04
Band homepage: Goretrade


  1. Dead Man Walking
  2. Mistaken Conception
  3. Dominant Lifeform
  4. Pallid Criminal
  5. No Limit Suggestion
  6. Rejecting the Lies
  7. Relapsing in Agony
  8. Wretched Despondency
  9. They Were Ignored
  10. Reduced to Redemption
Goretrade - Mistaken Conception

Hey now!


Straight from the land of cocaine and coffee emerges GORETRADE, a Colombian quartet whose Grind-heavy style of Brutal Death Metal confirms the notion that these gents could give two shits about your musical tastes or your pathetic, woe-to-me well-being. Pussy.


The band’s third full-length album, 2010’s “Mistaken Conception,” melds the incessant pummeling of Grindcore with a brutal bottom-heavy Death Metal attack that takes nary a break from unleashing their hyper-aggressive brand of pissed-off, adrenaline-rising mayhem. It’s a chaotic blast, but it’s a controlled chaotic blast with more than its share of voluminous might and absurdly crushing jams.


In a genre saturated with stale, repetitive breakdowns, GORETRADE have an uncanny knack of bringing the heat with their hellishly well-placed chug-fests. The album’s tempo varies admirably over the course of 10 tracks, never boring its listener with non-stop blasting or indulgent use of snail-slow slamming, and its omnipresent groove and flawless production values keep the carnage distinctly sharp and ferocious.


If I had to compare GORETRADE to a few bands, I’d say they’re a curious mix of MISERY INDEX’s relentless energy, BLOOD RED THRONE’s animated bass-driven Metal, and VILE’s thundering approach to illogically accessible Death. The opening track, “Dead Man Walking,” storms in with a wild drumming display and switches to some evil tremolo picking before eventually melding into foot-stomping, mid-paced barbarism. This sequence of song structure is a guaranteed head-banging good time.


The aforementioned bass play was a real surprise and highlight throughout “Mistaken Conception.”  Felipe Medrano does a stalwart job of staying in line with the technicality of guitarists Adrián Holguín and César Vera, and he amplifies the pounding drums of Mauro Mazuera, but when he opts to go on his own little tangents with a myriad of slaps and pops, the bass adds a certain element of character and whimsicality to GORETRADE’s entertaining style of Brutal Death.


A quick listen to their initial two splits, “Zombiecronomicon” and “GORETRADE/CARNAL,” confirms that GORETRADE were once much heavier than they are now, and indeed took on a much more unrefined, and ultra-Brutal Death Metal sound similar to bands like DEVOURMENT and DISGORGE. I hesitate to throw the moniker ‘Brutal Death Metal’ at GORETRADE with “Mistaken Conception,” because while it’s certainly brutal and terrifically heavy, it’s lacking the standard slamming, abyssal gutturals, and knuckle-dragging slowness many Brutal Death bands incorporate into their sound. This new GORETRADE, I believe, are much better for it. There’s a distinct amount of Thrashing, a concerted effort to create memorable riffs, the vocals are vastly improved, and, well, it just sounds great.


The album is really fraught with badass Death Metal. “Dominant Lifeform” wastes no time throwing you into the meat-grinder with its rapid-fire snare work and giant breakdown just moments in; “A Pallid Criminal” is a true beast with its awesome tremolo riffing and jam-induced bass-slapping; “Rejecting the Lies” offers plenty of sweet galloping chugs, and in typical GORETRADE fashion, a song like “Wretched Despondency” ends with a gruelingly cool breakdown before jumping back into the fray with the face-melting “They Were Ignored.”


As far as musically interesting and blood-boiling Death Metal goes, you can’t go wrong with “Mistaken Conception.” A very solid release that all extreme Metal listeners should seek out.   

(Online June 26, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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