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Obey - Bad Ass (7,5/10) - Finland - 2011

Genre: Death'N'Roll
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:21
Band homepage: Obey


  1. That Shit Suites You
  2. Die For Nothing
  3. Dying Little Sunshine
Obey - Bad Ass

When I noticed that the EP release I was sent was entitled “Bad Ass," it was hard not to judge OBEY right away. Seriously? No qualms with entitling this three-song release “Bad Ass”? Needless to say, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to listening to it. What’s even harder to admit is that, despite the arrogant title, this little EP is in fact, quite bad-ass. With three songs, OBEY displays some well put together Death 'N' Roll that’s heavy and hooky, a combination that works quite well for them.


Although the variety of these three songs is nonexistent, the consistency that OBEY powers through their heavy and rockin’ tracks is rather effective. With riffs that OBITUARY would be proud of, a solid swinging drum performance, a funky bass under layer, and some well-placed Death Metal rasps and grunts, “Bad Ass” is a fun and well-written EP that does Death 'N' Roll right. From the more melodic and spaced-out “Dying Little Sunshine,” to its initial riff puncher “That Shit Suites You,” this leaves quite the impression.


Really, the only problems with this release are its lack of diversity (it would have been awesome to hear them throw in some acoustic work) and its production. The raw and dirty production quality does have its charm here and there, but at times the music didn’t sound as tight as it was written to be. With a solid production and tighter mixes, these songs could have been kicked up even further on the awesome scale.


OBEY did it. They released an EP called “Bad Ass” that was actually bad-ass. It’s fun with its romping Rock vibes and down-tuned ferocious detailing and despite some minor flaws, overcomes it all with its charming sound. A definite surprise.


Song to check out: “That Shit Suites You."

(Online July 13, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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