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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NECROPHAGIST - Onset Of Putrefaction

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Necrophagist - Onset Of Putrefaction (9,5/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Noise Solution
Playing time: 35:31
Band homepage: Necrophagist


  1. Foul Body Autopsy
  2. To Breathe In A Casket
  3. Mutilate The Stillborn
  4. Intestinal Incubation
  5. Culinary Hyperversity
  6. Advanced Corpse Tumor
  7. Extreme Unction
  8. Fermented Offal Discharge
Necrophagist - Onset Of Putrefaction
Dude! And I mean DUUUUUUDE!

This little item has, in a few months' time, cracked my top 15 of all-time list. So now I have three albums in my top 15 with programmed drums on them, and I'm a drummer, strange. Anyway, lately (as in the past few years or so), I've developed a keen fascination with guitar players in EXTREME Metal that can make the genre live up to its title. I don't consider a band that plays power chords against a Grind rhythm "extreme," nor does a puking bandmember make me giddy with delight. I want to see some serious musicians playing Death Metal! MARTYR has them, THEORY IN PRACTICE does, CYNIC did, DEATH did too, but let's face it, truly talented musicians in the Death/Grind field are not a dime a dozen nowadays. It can take some hardcore digging to find them.

So who is this Muhammad Suicmez? A guitarist/vocalist in a GERMAN Death Metal band? Not that I'm discriminatory, but isn't Germany home of BLIND GUARDIAN (who rule, but still...) and countless bands of that ilk? Well I suppose they come from where you'd least expect, and BLIND GUARDIAN are talented, but do they grind? I think not. Therefore, Mr. Suicmez is like an instant god to me. I'd show you the shrine I built in his honour, but a big bad wolf blew it down cuz he thought there were three little pigs inside yelling back at him. He was hitting the crackpipe pretty hard, and with his old lady leaving him and taking the kids with her, he was obviously feeling distraught, poor bastard...anyway......

"Onset Of Putrefaction" is taken from the same cosmic soup as CARCASS, Steve Vai, and DEATH, with a serving of BRUTAL TRUTH and (perhaps) a teaspoon of Paganini? (add to taste) There's a LOT going on here. "Foul Body Autopsy" kicks things into motion, and from the get-go it is just non-stop fretboard frenetics from hell. Arpeggios from the Malmsteen-school of sweeps and slides mixed with the grinding blasts and churning rhythms of GORGASM (though obviously not influenced by said band). Pretty straightforward rhythmically on the opener, but as the album progresses, it just gets more and more "out there." Time signatures leave as quickly as they come, guitar fills dart in and out of the menacing riffs, whilst Mr. Suicmez's inspired vocal gurgles provide a warm feather pillow for the inner grinder's head to rest gently upon. Ahhh, soothing...

The riffs teeter on the edge of being somewhat catchy and melodic to being absolutely ball-blisteringly technical, almost jazzy if you listen through the right perceptive filter. I can swear I've heard John Coltrane play a lick on his trumpet (from "A Love Supreme") that sounds exactly like a riff on "Intestinal Incubation." Probably just coincidence, or the crack that my wolf friend shared with me earlier (before destroying my beloved shrine!).

A definite neoclassical flair permeates the disc on a whole as well. "Mutilate The Stillborn" is a fine example of this (though all 8 tracks share this trait as well), with more than a few scale runs which sound quite violin-istic in nature. Mix that with the brutal rhythms and you have a surefire kickstart for any mulleted shredder's achy breaky heart. Truly a sound to behold, this Neoclassical Grindcore...

And this deserves a separate paragraph: "Intestinal Incubation" and "Extreme Unction" are instant classics of the Technical Death Metal genre. So technical yet effortless in execution that it makes me weep! "Intestinal..." is available for full download at the band's site, and it certainly was enough to start my love affair with NECROPHAGIST. I suggest you hightail it over there and get to downloadin' when you finish this, or IF you finish I should say...

But this is not for any Joe Shmoe Grindcore freak. It is better suited for those, like myself, who just LOVE to sit in the corner of the room with a pair of headphones on and nitpick every little detail of a band's musical performance. After many-an-hour spent in maaaaaany room corners (amidst the prying eyes of many-a-slackjawed gawker!), I've concluded that this one-man album is beyond my abilities of comprehension at this time. Sure, the drums are sequenced, but they still sound bruuuuuutal. And Mr. Suicmez possesses a guitar tone that makes me weak at the knees, like a nervous bride, only more pathetic seeing as I'm a dude and all. Listen to the shredding of this maniac and tell me you don't get the same feeling, then maybe we can share gardening tips sometime.

Truly one for the books, seek out at ALL costs! More albums from Mr. Suicmez (and, hopefully, some company next time around) are needed though! Please sir, may we have another! (Online February 21, 2003)

Gabriel Gose

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