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Void Moon - s/t (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2010

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:10
Band homepage: Void Moon


  1. The Word And The Abyss
  2. Kallocain (Pt. I)
  3. Akka (Mother)
  4. The Burning Court
  5. Through The Gateway
Void Moon - s/t

VOID MOON is a gloomy little band hailing from Skåne, Sweden. Shortly before the release of their debut EP, “Through The Gateway,” in 2010, the band released a small self-titled demo. Four of the five songs on the demo would find their way onto the EP, with “Akka” being the only track not making the cut.


The demo shows a lot of promise for these three Swedes. “Akka” is a solid Doom track, starting off with a chilling riff before slowly progressing into the song proper. “The Word And The Abyss” is much the same, although it features an oddly fast and heavy ending, which keeps things nice and fresh. “Through The Gateway” is a quicker track, sounding more like classic Heavy Metal than modern Doom, but the fact that it’s also pretty damn good speaks volumes about the band’s versatility. The instrumental tracks are okay, but their short lengths and lack of substantial themes relegate them to the filler pile.


When VOID MOON delivers their debut full-length album, it’ll likely be worth a listen. Their demo is a good sampler of their sound, and their melange of classic Doom and Heavy Metal styles keeps things interesting. Hopefully, any future work will expand on these themes and generate an album’s worth of richly written three-to-six-minute tracks, keeping the short instrumental fillers to a minimum.

(Online July 17, 2011)

Mitchel Betsch

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