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Bad More Ending - Theory Of Endless Sacrifice (7/10) - Italy - 2010

Genre: Thrash Metal / Groove Metal / Metalcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:31
Band homepage: Bad More Ending


  1. Who Is The Victim Now?
  2. A World On Fire
  3. The Burning Process
  4. Lie To Exist
  5. Beyond Flesh
Bad More Ending - Theory Of Endless Sacrifice

BAD MORE ENDING may not sound like a vicious and malicious sort of band name, but the MESHUGGAH inspired rhythmatic attack presented on “Theory Of Endless Sacrifice” might make one think twice.  Matching their clustered polyrhythm mind blasts are some interesting melodic flourishes that bring their sound into a more recent Metal sound, making this EP quite the little sucker punch of Modern Metal fury.


With a definite leaning towards some Progressive tendencies, the music contained on “Theory” certainly hints towards a sound that could rip through you speakers. Their mechanical pounding of mathematical chugging riffs bring to mind a slightly more varied MESHUGGAH comparison (particularly on tracks like “Lie To Exist”) yet their slight melodic flourishes that splash through, with a band that hints towards some Pop melodic vocal lines on “Who Is The Victim Now?” to counterbalance guttural barking that’s used for the majority of the EP, make the band a bit more consumable in the end. It’s a combination that when it works best, really sparks some interesting music for the blended Groove Hardcore/Modern Metal sound.


“Theory” seems like a great starting point for this young band. It’s not quite as tight as it might be in its writing (it loves to drift off) and it’s a relatively well-treaded sound by the other bands. It does have some great moments and there seems to be a lot of great potential growth here. BAD MORE ENDING is a band to watch for later, even if “Theory” isn’t the best representation of the sound or the blended mix of genres.


Song to check out: “Who Is The Victim Now?”

(Online July 28, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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