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Befallen - Promo Demo 2010 (7,5/10) - Australia - 2010

Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal / Technical Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 9:49
Band homepage: Befallen


  1. Eden
  2. S-21
Befallen - Promo Demo 2010

Now this is what I call a one-two punch.


A Blackened Death Metal quintet of sure-fire talent, Perth, Australia’s BEFALLEN must be some lazy motherfuckers. At just a hair under 10 minutes, their “Promo Demo 2010” has to be one of the most polished, aggressive, and altogether blazing demos I’ve come across in my perverted travels as a reviewer for The Metal Observer. Everything about it just screams professionalism –precise riffing, chaotic drumming, insane vocals, slick production, the bad-ass logo – but here they are unsigned and holding their balls. Someone give these degenerates a goddamn record deal already so we can determine if these guys are just demo devils or the real fuckin’ thing.


I’m thinking their legit.


“Eden” begins with some rather melodic picking and eventually swarms into oblivion with some Tech-Death riffing and a tornado of blasting and insane drum fills. The vocalist Aaron does an excellent job of using his gratingly clear screams as another wholly invested instrument, hardly taking a breath as lyrics tear away at a dizzying clip. For such a tumultuous track, there’s an undeniable catchiness that’s hammered home when drummer Dayle careens full-speed ahead with double bass kicking and a series of impressive cymbal crashes that excels even further when the Technical grooves of guitarists Colin and Rob relentlessly shred out.


“S-21” wastes little time proving its point or confirming the musical direction of BEFALLEN. Mayhem ensues immediately and again an irrefutable lure fills the track; for such remorseless and diligent Blackened Death, the band’s non-stop desire to trap and kill is what really sets these blokes apart from other younger acts. Aside from its solid chorus, the song features a nice solo a little more than halfway through, and then slows to a drag before crunching in and closing with a pummeling outro. The song ends a little abruptly, but hey, it still fuckin’ slays.


For just a pair of songs, I’m sold. If this was a full-album with a host of eight or nine songs of this caliber, whew, now that's what I'm talking about. BEFALLEN may have beginner’s luck with this demo, but let’s hope not. Definitely recommended.   

(Online July 15, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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