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Rigoni, Alberto - Rebirth (8/10) - Italy - 2011

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Nightmare Records
Playing time: 42:56
Band homepage: Rigoni, Alberto


  1. Free
  2. Rebirth
  3. Story of a Man
  4. The Net
  5. Emptiness
  6. A New Soul
  7. With All My Forces
  8. Ontogeny
  9. White Shine
Rigoni, Alberto - Rebirth

A change down through the gears for respected Italian bassist ALBERTO RIGONI latest solo outing "Rebirth" sees the TWINSPIRITS maestro chop between Prog Rock to Jazz Fusion to Melodic Rock on an album that will most likely make you kick the heels back and just take time out.


Of the nine tracks featured only two have vocals which will alienate a whole raft of potential listeners who will tag the record an Instrumental nightmare, however, there is much to admire in the way RIGONI segues different forms of music into a kaleidoscope of beguiling sounds.


Opener "Free" is a gentle introduction to the seductive acoustic reverie of RIGONI. Very much in the vein of erstwhile guitarist STEVE HACKETT and his "Metamorpheus" album, "Free" is a laid back cadence soothing, mesmeric resplendent with the quirky tempo/mood change mid song. "Story Of Man" eschews the main manís virtue of love for his bass guitar against the need for over powering guitar solos, so prevalent in this genre. The track glides, sails as does the haunting "The Net" however the first vocal track with Jonas Erixon handling mic duties is a cracking Melodic Rock song that bustle with a classy swagger. Erixonís voice is only to be lauded akin to TENís Gary Hughes he is the perfect match for the song. The second vocal song "With All My Forces" is a heavier more straight forward Melodic Rock affair which still ticks all the requisite boxes.


RIGONI is obviously an accomplished musician, composer and producer. His songs are excellently put together, suffering from no over complication or taking the dreaded self indulgent road. For the most part this is sunny day record with two up tempo Rock songs to pique the interest.


Perhaps not the most appealing of albums for the Metalhead, but well worth a visit if youíre tired of Prog Rock being only about the guitar and keyboard fills.


(Online August 3, 2011)

Chris Doran

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