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Abnormity - Irreversible Disintegration (7,5/10) - Russia - 2011

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Slam Death Metal
Label: Inherited Suffering Records
Playing time: 33:16
Band homepage: Abnormity


  1. Shattered to the Bone   
  2. Disease of Humanity    
  3. Emanation of Putrid Entrails     
  4. Irreversible Disintegration            
  5. Atrocity Domination      
  6. Mechanical Maggots    
  7. Guttural Bleeding            
  8. Vomit Carnage
Abnormity - Irreversible Disintegration

All Things Putrid #2


It’s been a little while, but the second installment of All Things Putrid has finally reared its withered and abscess-marked dome, puking and laughing with no self-regard for its favorite SOILS OF FATE shirt. Marching in with enough empowering slams to challenge the behemoth freaks of the NBA dunk contest, Russia’s ABNORMITY have recently debuted “Irreversible Disintegration,” a Brutal Death Metal visceral typhoon of huge, splitting sounds and a knack for creating grooves beastly enough to shitflood the underpants of power-lifters on repetition one.


So what you have with “Irreversible Disintegration” is really no surprise. It’s savage chugging goodness that sleeps, bleeds, and feeds on all things primordially heavy. Sure, there was plenty of thought process in creating the song structures – I mean, these guys slam something awesome – but the result is the equivalent to Tyrannosaurus Rex Metal – it’s got huge teeth, an insane appetite for carnage and gore, probably enormous balls, and it runs at a tempo that trudges and intermittently bursts. It’s also a mindless devouring machine with few objectives other than eating and ripping Mrs. T-Rex a new one, it did more scavenging than hunting, and was pretty much fucked if it tripped on a log. Lucky for ABNORMITY, this Tyrannosaur isn’t about to rely on those pointless little twig arms.


The pummeling begins with “Shattered to the Bone,” an exemplary album opener that melts everything around it with a galloping intro and some amazing drumming by…well, apparently a machine. Yes, this is quite underwhelming news, but it does little to take away from the band’s overall sound. The drumming rarely sounds artificial (with exception of some cymbal work) and the band did a nice job of making sure of this, however, it is kind of a letdown when the most dynamic aspect of the album is ultimately programmed. Meh, whatever.


The vocals are performed consistently in a hyper-low gurgling style which adds even more volume to ABRNORMITY’s leveling sound, and the bass and guitars, played as a cohesive battering mix, create one of the densest Death Metal tones you’re liable to hear in 2011. Beyond the album’s insane programmed drumming and its untold number of gnarly slamming breaks, the true morning star of “Irreversible Disintegration” is undoubtedly the clear and righteous production job that doesn’t let you miss a beat. Throw on “Emanation of Putrid Entrails” or “Guttural Bleeding” and you’ll experience two of the album’s more pulverizing tracks. Dig those bad-ass bass pops at the end of the latter.


There’s only so much to be said about this debut, because really, just a few adjectives can neatly sum it up: destructive, groovy, and imposing. At a little over a half hour in duration, there is a whole lot of damage to be doled out, so if you’re looking for one of the year’s most compact and memorable Brutal Death Metal albums, ABNORMITY’s “Irreversible Disintegration” is definitely stirring at the top of the list.


Me(n)tal Note: More sweet cover art from Marco Hasmann.

(Online July 23, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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