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Abominable Putridity - In the End of Human Existence (7/10) - Russia - 2007

Genre: Slam Death Metal / Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal
Label: Lacerated Enemy
Playing time: 26:01
Band homepage: Abominable Putridity


  1. Intracranial Parasite
  2. Entrails Full of Vermin
  3. Blindfold Surgery         
  4. Skin Removal
  5. Dissected from Within
  6. Throat Fisting Abortion
  7. Intestinal Putrefaction
  8. Victims Stuffed with Nails         
  9. Sphacelated Nerves
  10. In the End of Human Existence
Abominable Putridity - In the End of Human Existence

All Things Putrid #3


Review numero tres of All Things Putrid is the 2007 full-length debut by Russian Slam fiends ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY. Clocked in at about 26 minutes, I can honestly attest that “In the End of Human Existence,” minus the disgusting sound effects of “Dissected from Within” and the dungeon atmosphere in the album-titled closing track, is pretty much one gigantic series of breakdowns. Which, as a fan of Slamming Brutal Death Metal, I really, really enjoy.


The absolute fact that this album is essentially one enormous sequence of slams really makes my job that much easier. I’ve listened to this album for a while now, mostly during my morning train rides and at the gym, and I’m pretty sure this is one of the most bare bones Death Metal albums you can find. There are no solos, no vocal range, and in this modern age where Metal musicians are stretching their dexterity and imagination to the breaking point, it’s about as technical as Atari. “In the End of Human Existence” is about slamming slow, slamming fast, and then somewhere in between. Occasional bursts of standard Death Metal riffing never last long. Heavy grooves rule the roost and since you know this now, don’t come up to me and go “What the fuck? This is like one big slam…dude!” because I’ll be like “Dude, I already told you that,” and you’ll be like “Oh, yeah.”


So, does the album’s one-dimensional style grow wearisome after a while? Kind of, but again, you get what you're asking for: slammage, and tons of it. While I generally rip on bands for falling in love with velocity, I think the reverse goes for ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY. Because this album is so utterly saturated with breakdowns and slams, the slower tempo trudging tends to bog down the album much more than it emphasizes the impact of the riff. When the band picks up the pace, like they do on the album’s most excellent track, “Sphacelated Nerves,” or on “Victims Stuffed with Nails,” “In the End of Human Existence” becomes much more of an effective Death Metal showcase.


There’s really not much more to add. Alexander’s drumming, while not ornate or flashy, is methodical enough to help plow this album right through your speakers. He does a real smooth job of breakdown transition, and even though the majority of the slams have equal weight, his double bass kicking shifts momentum nicely.


ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY may be going through the motions on this debut, but at least the motions are heavy as shit. If these guys continue to evolve as musicians, which I’m sure they will, their sophomore slugfest should be an all-out slamming shitstorm. A worthy companion piece if you’re in the need for some on-the-go aggression.   


Me(n)tal Note: Uh, yeah, they have definitely improved. Check out a couple new songs on their Myspace page. Holy Mos-cow!

(Online July 29, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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