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Vektor - Black Future (10/10) - USA - 2009

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Label: Heavy Artillery
Playing time: 68:03
Band homepage: Vektor


  1. Black Future
  2. Oblivion
  3. Destroying the Cosmos
  4. Forests of Legend
  5. Hunger for Violence
  6. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  7. Asteroid
  8. Dark Nebula
  9. Accelerating Universe
Vektor - Black Future

With as many bands as there are playing Thrash any more (and quite a few of them succeeding at it), there was bound to be this odd blending of the acts and their sounds. So many either play old school Bay Area or aggressive Teutonic styles to varying degrees of success, but few are truly forging their own sound and carving their name into Metal. Of these few, VEKTOR sticks out like a beacon of originality that homages some of the classics in and out of the genre while completely crafting a sound that is distinctly theirs.


The first encounter with VEKTOR was an odd one. Their logo pulls obvious influence from the classic days of Thrashy VOIVOD and to an extent their ideology towards their music does too. It’s Thrash, old and proud, done with the proficiency and technical prowess of a Progressive-tinged act not afraid to forge a sound. This technical and genre bending might make their sophomore effort, “Black Future,” a riveting release worthy of every bit of praise given to it.


The roots of “Black Future” are actually quite easy to tease out from the rest. Despite the long winding song structures, some of the more atmospheric moments of noise, and the vocal work that hisses and screeches like an odd combination of DEATH and CRADLE OF FILTH, this album’s heart lies truly in the Thrash genre. It’s stunning to hear these guys rip through the music at the speed they do for such long periods of time. No other Thrash release has sounded like this in decades.


“Black Future” defies the physics of the Thrash genre and blasts the listener with amazing licks of technical guitar wizardry. The riffs on this album rapid-fire with triplet fury erupting into fist pumping rhythms before splitting into finger-bleeding melodic shredding leads and solos. The drums and up front bass (which does its own Progressive stint and flurries off on its own like how it acts as a lead in the title track) leap from the under belly of the production to perfectly balance out the guitar and vocal work. VEKTOR fires on all cylinders with this album from beginning to end.


Coming across this band’s Myspace by accident has been one of the best finds yet. “Black Future” showcases a band unafraid to toy with a classic sound while never losing the elements that made it great. This album is an experience and one that comes with the highest recommendation to all Metal fans out there.


Songs to check out: “Black Future," “Hunger For Violence," “Destroying The Cosmos."

(Online August 23, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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