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26 tablatures for Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract (8/10) - Greece - 1993

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 47:07
Band homepage: Rotting Christ


  1. The Sign Of Evil Existence
  2. Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
  3. Fgmenth, Thy Gift
  4. Dive Deepest Abyss
  5. Exiled Archangels
  6. His Sleeping Majesty
  7. The Coronation Of The Serpent
  8. The Fourth Knight Of Revelation
  9. Visions Of The Dead Lover **Bonus Track
  10. The Mystical Meeting (New Version) **Bonus
Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract
Ok, I made a mistake with the reviewing of ROTTING CHRIST's discography so far. I reviewed "Non Serviam" before getting the chance to hear "Thy Mighty Contract". And in that review, I said they were getting better and better. And while that is partially right, I find myself loving this album much more than the album that followed. Sure, the production is shitty, but damn, the song writing is excellent!! While not being too brutal, it's still their fastest and most furious album to date. This album captures the energy of early ROTTING CHRIST, while still showcasing enough melody and atmosphere to make it stand out as an excellent album.

Each song is an enjoyment in itself, and the album as a whole is a wonderful experience. I recommend "Thy Mighty Contract" to any current ROTTING CHRIST-fans who like their newer material and are a little curious as to how they sounded eight years ago. I'm surprised I didn't buy this album sooner! It certainly is a real gem!

** Included in this re-release are two bonus-demo-tracks, previously only available on LP. "Visions Of A Dead Lover" is a great song, and "The Mystical Meeting" is a new version of a track originally found on "Passage To Arcturo". It's miles ahead of the original, in my opinion, and truly fits in with the rest of this excellent album.

Joshua Drover

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