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Labyrinth - Sons Of Thunder (6/10) - Italy - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 50:26
Band homepage: Labyrinth


  1. Chapter 1
  2. Kathryn
  3. Sons Of Thunder
  4. Elegy
  5. Behind The Mask
  6. Touch The Rainbow
  7. Rage Of The King
  8. Save Me
  9. Love
  10. I Feel You
Labyrinth - Sons Of Thunder
Oh, I really had been awaiting the third album of the Italians... Now it is rotating in my player and I am, well, surprised... But let's start at the beginning.

The opener "Chapter 1" already shows that LABYRINTH indeed are sounding different from "Return To Heaven Denied", most likely the growing musical difference between LABYRINTH and VISION DIVINE Olaf Thörsen had mentioned in the VISION DIVINE-interview, being more varied (between slow-paced and double-bass-driven) and somehow rounder than the typical Italian song, including an acoustic intermezzo, good start.

Then we have the more mid-paced "Kathryn", which leaves some crunch to be desired. The title-track then offers speed again, typical for LABYRINTH so far and also keeping up the standard.

Well, so far, so good, but after that the quality level drops unfortunately, "Elegy" or "Behind The Mask" don't get above mediocrity, "Rage Of The King" is a negative surprise and the ballad "Love" is rather boring.

But at the end, there is yet another highlight, the metalised version of the MATIA BAZAR-Eighties-Pop-song "Ti Sento", here with English lyrics "I Feel You". A really good one!

OK, what should I say now? "Sons Of Thunder" is no bad album, but on the one hand we have heard far better from LABYRINTH and on the other hand there are so many albums each month that "Sons Of Thunder" somehow drowns in that wave... A pity...

Alexander Melzer

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