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CorpseVomit - Raping the Ears of Those Above (9,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Blackened Moon Productions
Playing time: 46:09
Band homepage: CorpseVomit


  1. Sons of Famine
  2. Maggot Lamb
  3. Waste
  4. Seas of Excrement
  5. Mind Scabs
  6. Gathering Chemical Children
  7. Seeping Dismay
  8. Death Meddle
  9. Crawling Visions
  10. Nothing


CorpseVomit - Raping the Ears of Those Above

Without delay, CORPSEVOMIT’s “Raping the Ears of Those Above” throws you amidst their chaos of spastic alterations of rhythm and speed, complete with intriguing riffs conjoined with epileptic beats, their sound is never predictable or trite. CORPSEVOMIT’s sound will leave you wanting more.


Never afraid to change the pace, the guitars and bass work well together and employ simple yet interesting riffs which help build the album’s immense tension. The instrumentation is accompanied by low raspy vocals that occasionally give way to a higher scream that’s fortunately never screechy, and their lyrics are comprised of the same random spasmodic energy as their sound.  The most pertinent aspect of CORPSEVOMIT must be the drums which are concise, clean, and never mechanical in sound; the double bass pummels on and on. 


This is a band that knows just when to change shit up. Without the need for smooth or slow transitioning, they lay down the next set of beats without ever faltering or sounding clumsy. Their transitions best define their sound through a fusion of Death, Thrash, and Grind, which help remind genre fans of DESTROYER 666, KREATOR, IMPALED, and NAPALM DEATH.


I have yet to find the downside to CORPSEVOMIT’s “Raping the Ears of Those Above,” (aside from the onset of ensuing seizures), and this certainly makes it an even greater loss to know that CORPSEVOMIT split up in 2002. Their innovative sound is truly discernable from many of the other listless Death Metal bands coming out these days, and for this, I recommend this album.


My personal favorites: “Sons of Famine,” “Seas of Excrement,” “Gathering Chemical Children,” and “Death Meddle.”


(Online September 15, 2011)

Montana Pessin

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