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Wrecked - 'Tis Life (8/10) - USA - 2010

Genre: Alternative Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 28:37
Band homepage: Wrecked


  1. Spacebong
  2. Doing Just Fine
  3. Smokebreak
  4. He Who Walks By Fire
  5. Operation Stalemate
  6. ‘Tis Life
Wrecked - 'Tis Life

More often than not, I prefer not to use the term ‘Alternative Metal’ due to its lacking cohesiveness in meaning across the wide range of bands that love to designate that term to their ‘unique’ sound. WRECKED on the other hand, with their debut EP “Tis Life," can only be described with such a generic term. Not that the band itself is generic, far from it, but their rather odd combination of modern and classic forms of the Metal genre stands itself firmly as being unable to be categorized.


Using a classic Metal sound not unlike that of a BLACK SABBATH owned groove inspired mid tempo romp (as can be heard in the laid back haze of “Doing Just Fine”) and throwing a bit of Punk like distortions, bluesy Rock elements, and the occasionally modern Harsh rasping vocal part to balance out the croons, WRECKED seem intent in just simply writing catchy Metal/Rock that rises above the old and new categories.


This is handled ably by the band who pump their EP full of catchy 60s/70s riffs, bluesy soloing, and a standard drum performance that never leaves one thinking twice about its effectiveness. The crooning occasionally takes a more modern twist of note here and there, also dousing itself in some harsher rasps for variety, but successfully channels the band’s general sound to an impressive level.


WRECKED may not have caught me with their bland band name and rather bland EP title, but the music did. Much more than expected. It’s just a fun romp of decade spanning vision that works far better than one could have hoped for. Let’s see if the band can keep it up for an entire album now…not that they couldn’t have just extended this release.


Songs to check out: “He Who Walks By Fire," “Spacebong." 

(Online October 12, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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