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Red Sky - Tra L'ombra E l'anima (8,5/10) - Italy - 2011

Genre: Instrumental / Acoustic
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 25:38
Band homepage: Red Sky


  1. Respira (Intro)
  2. Chiudi Cli Occhi
  3. Il Mio Modo Per Dirtelo
  4. La Luna Baciera Le Tue Lacrime
  5. Giada
  6. E Poi Silenzio
Red Sky - Tra L'ombra E l'anima

As a reviewer for a site dedicated to spreading the good word of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock there is little chance that an instrumental/acoustic EP would ever land in my listening pile. Not only that, but who knew that this relatively unknown act RED SKY (who took quite a bit of time to track down online just to get the basic information needed for this review) would rocket a home run with it. “Tra L’ombra E l’anima” took me by surprise, that is for sure.


After a brief introduction of whispering atmosphere, RED SKY begins to weave their sound in artful manners. Layered melodies play across the basic rhythmatic plane as a dueling guitar sound of acoustics and occasional light electric lines press and pull against one another in drawn out ways. Even though the release lacks the aggression I normally find myself attracted too, its very hard not to be sucked into the sheer impressive writing of the long-winded tracks. It’s as if an atmospheric void sucks one into the level of the intricate balance of instruments where it becomes hard to break out from the flood of emotions that the guitars display. The entire release runs like this. Impressive.


This is not a release for everyone. “Tra L’ombra E l’anima” is a one way street of style that rarely budged from its grounding – but when it’s this well crafted and performed, who would need to? It completely levels the acoustic melodies and even with its bare minimum style of underlying rhythm work. Who needs vocals when the guitars can do the singing for themselves? RED SKY impresses on this EP even if its not the usual Metal fodder known for this site. Not for everyone, but for those interested its hard to miss out on how beautiful its crafted.

(Online October 16, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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