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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - WARBRINGER - Worlds Torn Asunder

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Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder (9/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 48:17
Band homepage: Warbringer


  1. Living Weapon
  2. Shattered Like Glass
  3. Wake Up…Destroy
  4. Future Ages Gone
  5. Savagery
  6. Treacherous Tongue
  7. Echoes From The Void
  8. Enemies Of The State
  9. Behind The Veils Of Night
  10. Demonic Ecstasy
  11. Sacrifice (BATHORY Cover)
  12. Execute Them All (UNLEASHED Cover)
Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder
When Thrash began to really take hold as a returning force, WARBRINGER was one of the leaders of the assault with their debut. Their second album was an improved tour de force that pummeled fans with its chaotic tendencies and impressive performances. The American band’s third album however, finds these Thrashers toying with their sound a bit, pushing themselves in some new directions whilst retaining the aggressive sound they perfected on the previous album.

For those about to Thrash, WARBRINGER brings the goods on “Worlds Torn Asunder." These Californian boys bring some serious crafted chaos on speedy stunners like “Living Weapon” and “Treacherous Tongue” and their wicked paced triplet riffs and almost endless overlaid guitar leads. The drumming remains a vital role to the general destruction the band brings with his flurries of off beat fills and vocalist Kevill gives his snarliest and heaviest performance yet as he spits and growls great Thrash lyrical content. Generally speaking, about 90% of this album remains firmly in this mindset and WARBRINGER remind us once again why they are one of the bigger new Thrash acts in the scene today with expert writing and more than stunning performances.

“Worlds Torn Asunder” does separate itself from the rest of their catalog with a few new tricks. The band begins to play with some textures here and there on the album. They use some acoustic work on the instrumental “Behind The Veils Of Night” (yeah, acoustics on a Thrash album…weird) and the band utilizes some more melodic work to divvy up some of the intensity of the album. “Future Ages Gone” and “Echoes From The Void” both use the melody and slower tempos to dive home some diversity for the album. In this way, WARBRINGER are spreading their artistic wings on the album.

Although “Worlds Torn Asunder” isn’t quite the cutthroat classic their previous album was, it’s a definite highlight for both the band and the new Thrash wave as this act begins to craft more artistic ways to deliver their music. It still has their super aggressive and chaotic side to it, but the band is beginning to throw in some more diverse song writing to make it a bit more pungent. A certain for Thrash fans or those wanting to throw down a little.

Songs to check out: “Living Weapon," “Treacherous Tongue," “Savagery."

(Online September 30, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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