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Inharmonic - Ugly (7/10) - Finland - 2011

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:51
Band homepage: Inharmonic


  1. Ugly
  2. The Display of Misanthropy
  3. Skins of the Innocent
Inharmonic - Ugly

Even with a name like INHARMONIC, there’s no questioning the agreeable nature of this Finnish band’s three-song debut EP, “Ugly.”


The album clocks in at a meager 12:51, but fear not, a potent dose of Death Metal not far removed from the vibrancy of BLOOD RED THRONE or the impact of TRAUMA lies in wait, a sturdy pummeling separated across three impressive tracks that ignore any pressure to innovate by keeping straight-forward rapid and heavy.


The first track, the album-titled “Ugly,” sheds its skin immediately with furious drumming and blistering tremolo riffing. There’s that bouncing old school vibe you wouldn’t be amiss to find in some Swedish barroom, and the solo work that flourishes throughout is expressive and fitting for the sound. The second track, “The Display of Misanthropy,” continues the onslaught with some awesome and memorable riff-work and the ursine vocals of Sami Pehkonen, who single-handedly proves the trendy misconception that backing vocals empower music further. If this track doesn’t get your head banging, then the third and final beast, “Skins of the Innocent,” surely will. A tireless groove and a definitive desire to push the pace are felt in part to INHARMONIC’s crushing mid-section and the overwhelming and dynamic drumming of Sami Ratilainen.


As far as Death Metal EPs go, this is well above-average. Throw another seven or eight songs behind this trio and you have one hell of a long player. Certainly recommended for high energy Death Metal fans.  

(Online October 10, 2011)

Evan Mugford

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