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Revocation - Chaos of Forms (9/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 46:59
Band homepage: Revocation


  1. Cretin
  2. Cradle Robber
  3. Harlot
  4. Dissolution Ritual
  5. Conjuring The Cataclysm
  6. No Funeral
  7. Fractal Entity
  8. Chaos Of Forms
  9. The Watchers
  10. Beloved Horrifier
  11. Dethroned
  12. Reprogrammed
Revocation - Chaos of Forms

Within the streams of underground Thrash, of which I frequent, the word about REVOCATION was always of high regard. A band pushing the limits of their Thrash roots with technicality and energy that was garnering some serious critical praise and solidifying their fan base? Count me in. With their third album, “Chaos of Forms,” I found myself inclined to finally dive into the frenzy of Thrash to see if these Tech Thrashers deserved the mass amounts of praise they had been building. Turns out the underground fans were right and REVOCATION spark ingenuity with their latest slab of aggressive-Progressive music.


“Chaos of Forms” seems to be quite the fitting description of the journey one encounters on this album. The band is everywhere on the map. They touch on Death Metal heaviness with some of their riff work. They touch on some Black Metal vocal rasps and franticness on “Conjuring The Cataclysm." They obviously ground themselves on Thrash Metal energy and foundations of chaotic flourishes, layered guitars, and vocal screaming styles. All the while they structure their songs like Progressive pieces, jumping tempos and mathematical rhythms in aggressive ways just challenging the listener to keep up with their abrasive speeds and mind-bending performances.


The band even uses distinct spats of Jazz in the music. Many songs, including tracks like “Harlot” and “Dissolution Ritual," will fly off with Jazzy interludes weaving melodic guitar licks and wickedly cool Jazz-influenced bass work into passages that defy what many Thrash bands work towards. The bass almost always contains this style throughout the release and it gives the album an instantly recognizable sound even when it’s at its most aggressive.


This all being fine and dandy on paper, but be forewarned, the band never eases the listener into the sound. From the first track through the last, REVOCATION takes you head first into their ideology and the initial spin of the album might fluster many listeners. Don’t let their oddities frighten you though, by the first spin I was hooked. The style had my ears and their aggressive-Progressive punches of modernity were unfolding before me. This is perhaps the best aspect of “Chaos of Forms."


REVOCATION earn every bit of praise they have garnered in the underground Thrash scene with “Chaos Of Forms." It’s everything a Thrash fan could want from a band, added to a Progressive and Jazz-influenced nature with furious hunger to push the sound to the limits. “Chaos Of Forms” is a highlight of the year and for this modern Thrash age.


Songs to check out: “No Funeral," “Cradle Robber," “Dissolution Ritual."

(Online November 14, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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