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Lucky Thir13n - March Of The Young (4,5/10) - Greece - 2011

Genre: Hard Rock / Punk Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 47:08
Band homepage: Lucky Thir13n


  1. Alibi (Intro)
  2. Feels Like Coming Home
  3. Get In My Way
  4. Rivers Run Dry
  5. Amazing
  6. Another Memory
  7. Forever Free (March Of The Young)
  8. Yeah, I Want It
  9. R´n´R
  10. Operation Overload
  11. Say Goodbye
Lucky Thir13n - March Of The Young

Why is it that everytime you´re done listening to a piece of music, which you absolutely detested through every nanosecond of its duration, in some morbid way, it manages to stay in your head for the longest time? A paradox? Or did you infact like it, and yet refused to admit to yourself, that just because you´re “a sophisticated Death Metal fan”, you can´t enjoy some easy going Rock music that goes easy on that gigantic brain of yours, the type of music played by Thessaloniki´s LUCKY THIR13N?


Ok, so right off the bat, this didn´t do it for me, but it didn´t decrease my intelligence either. This band is young and has always had a love for Hard Rock music, to which they have added a certain U.S. High School Rock/Punk influence on their debut album “March Of The Young. Simple rocking riffs, steady drumwork and infectious (read annoying) melodies stalk the songs, nothing fancy, a clear aim to entertain rather than revolutionise.


For the sake of short stints in variation, they´ve lined up a quirky pseudo Power Metal atmopshere in the title track, a ghastly female singer on “R´n´R” and some completely unneccesary growling on “Rivers Run Dry”; all of these “experiments” leave some questionable results in my opinion... better left undone for another album by another band.


The guitarwork is pretty decent, with both metallic edge and rock groove, some Sleaze Rock soloing here and there, all in all pretty stale, but ok, you know. Choruses are pretty catchy, despite being fairly pubescent sounding, probably involving a preteen aged singer (which may be why I get such intense flashbacks from “American Pie” movies while listening to this); seriously, this guy will make you cringe, but the melodies will sink into you head with ease.


If you´re into bands like BLINK 182, SUM 41, WARRANT, MOTLEY CRUE, you might like most of the songs here, if you can get past the scrawny vocals. Once you´re done, you´ll go back to the original classics done by pioneers.

(Online November 12, 2011)

Frodi Stenberg

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