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Warmen - Unknown Soldier (8/10) - Finland - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Spikefarm
Playing time: 45:33
Band homepage: Warmen


  1. Introduction
  2. The Evil That Warmen Do
  3. Devil's Mistress
  4. Hopeless Optimism
  5. Unknown Soldier
  6. Fire Within
  7. Warcry Of Salieri
  8. Into The Oblivion
  9. Piano Intro To
  10. Treasure Within
  11. Soldiers Of Fortune
Warmen - Unknown Soldier
Oh, finally a solo-project again ;) This time CHILDREN OF BODOM-keyboarder Janne Warman has decided that the time is right to come out under the banner of WARMEN.

"Unknown Soldier" features eleven tracks altogether, among them one intro and a piano-introduction. Seven more songs are completely instrumental and twice Kimberley Goss lends her voice to the guys. So much for the statistics, now on to the music...

Stilistically WARMEN are moving in the centre of STRATOVARIUS, Melodic Metal, sometimes more keyboard-dominated, sometimes less, but always nicely varied. So you can find a furious STRATOVARIUS-esque instrumental like "The Evil That Warmen Do" just like a crushing mid-tempo-double-bass track "Devil's Mistress" with Ms Goss at the mic or the swift "Warcry Of Salieri" along with the more slow-paced "Treasure Within".

To be honest, I had my reservations about this album in the beginning, because solo-projects, even more if predominantly instrumental, never had been my thing, but Janne has managed to create real songs, which can excel by their class, not some solo-escapades that make your hair stand up...

So, who thinks that the above-mentioned mixture should be to his/her liking and not always needs a voice, should at least check out WARMEN, because it is a really positive surprise!

Alexander Melzer

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